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VisitUs is an easy to set-up visitor sign-in system that is suitable for any business, club or organisation looking to simplify visitor registration.

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7 Million + Sign-ins

Join the millions that have signed-in using the VisitUs platform

Send Instant alert notifications
with a visitor sign-in app

Alert your employees from the electronic visitor management system, freeing up your front desk staff to stay productive and concentrate on more important tasks.

SMS sign out reminders

After the completion of the sign in process, individuals visiting are sent an SMS reminding them to sign out at the end of their visit. They simply click the link in the message to sign out remotely.

Branded SMS

The VisitUs visitor management system sends SMS notifications to visitors and hosts your your unique branding.

Email notifications

The instant notifications sent to hosts include the details of their visitor including their induction results, visitor's photo and a link to sign them out. Notifications can be sent to all your devices so you never miss an important visitor.

Mobile app for hosts

Each host registered in your visitor management system account can receive push notifications and manage their visitors via the mobile companion app.

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Contactless sign-in options

Remove your paper visitor book and select the visitor sign in method that best suits your business.

Easily switch between the touchless sign-in option or the traditional iPad software to create a warm welcome every time.

Contactless Sign In
QR code for each building entrance

Increase visitor and staff safety by creating a self service kiosk using a unique QR code that directs to the VisitUs app website for each of your site entrances. Instant notifications include the entry point that their visitor has arrived so your staff know exactly where their visitor is waiting. It's an excellent quick check-in option for busy reception areas.

Save time with simultaneous sign ins

No more queues at your front desk as visitors sign in using the unique QR code and then use their own device to quickly and easily sign-in. All data is securely stored on our ISO 27001 certified servers for peace of mind.

Advanced facial recognition

Automatically sign visitors, contractors and employees in without the need to manually enter information using advanced facial recognition. When guests return they won't need to re-enter their details as the visitor sign in app will match your face to your previous sign-in.

Print badges from the iPad

When a printer is connected to the VisitUs sign-in app, each sign-in type can be configure to print badges automatically . The visitor badge can include any of the visitors information and a QR code which can be used for contactless check in when they visit next time.

Pre-register visitors

Reduce the sign-in time for a guest by pre-registering them in the visitor management system before their visit. Ideal if you’re running an event or have visitors from multiple companies arriving.

Send Inductions prior to arrival

Pre-register visitors and contractors to offer them the ability to enter their details and complete your site induction. It's a great way to speed up the visitor check-in process.

Play a short welcome video

VisitUs features the option to display a video that briefs the visitor on your sites safety requirements when signing in.

Sign NDA's and safety documents

Remove paper copies of NDA's and safety documents by uploading a PDF into the visitor management solution for visitors to sign. Each signed document is securely stored in the software for you to download at a later date.

Send a unique QR code

Once the visitor pre-registration is complete, they can use the contactless QR code sign in feature to sign-in at the reception area.

Microsoft and G-Suite integration

Pre-register guests direct from your phone or email client by simply inviting them to a meeting. When you include the VisitUs sign-in app into the meeting, the software automatically pre-registers the visitor and sends them a welcome email.

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Manage your electronic visitor management system from a web dashboard

You have total control to access and manage your own highly customizable online portal.

Create the perfect sign-in process for your business.

Fully customize the visitor sign-in process

Add questions, upload documents to be signed, edit customized alerts and set the sign in requirements for each sign-in type remotely from any web enabled device.

Create detailed reports

VisitUs has built in tools to extract visitor logging data and generate detailed reports in just a few clicks. All visitor information is stored on the secure cloud based server which makes it easy to create reports that can be exported in CSV format.

Instant Visitor sign-in

Complete the visitor registration process or a staff sign-in, directly from the VisitUs dashboard to provide VIP users a seamless experience. Use a simple visitor form or select a staff member a list to sign them in.

Enhanced visitor tracking

Replace visitor books with enhanced visitor tracking that allows you to review a real time digital record of everyone who is currently signed in and out of your office. The management view can be customized to show important information such as their access point, car registration or any visitor details that were gathered during the sign in process.

Connect your data using our rest based API

The VisitUs solution includes an open API interface that allows you the customer to extract live visitor logging data and visitor information. Your developers then have access to import the information it into your own modern workplace systems.

Visitors Management Dashboard

Screen visitors, contractors and employees

Verify that each person who enters your organization meets your highly customizable criteria.

Multiple choice form questions

Add custom questions to your visitor registration process to ensure each sign-in meets your sites safety requirements.

Send alerts for failed results

Instantly notify the security team in your workplace if someone has failed the induction questionnaire so that you can act effectively to reduce risk.

Customize the questions for each visitor type

Visitor screening questions can be assigned for each sign-in process so that you only ask relevant questions to the correct person.

View live results on the web dashboard

Quickly and easily view the real time screening results via the web dashboard. Track employee attendance and generate reports directly from a web browser in the reception area.

The Sign in app that is optimised for your industry

The VisitUs digital sign-in app works well in a range of industries as it provides a simple way to track and manage visitors that will improve efficiency and save you time and money.


No matter what type of business you have, the VisitUs visitor sign-in system can create bespoke visitor groups that are tailored to your specific needs. New features are constantly being released that benefit industries such as Logistics, Manufacturing and Government and Aged Care.

Integrated with Microsoft

Connect VisitUs to your corporate directory to automatically import employees. Once imported they can receive visitors and instant alerts via email, SMS and Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Active Directory

Synchronise your Microsoft Active Directory with VisitUs to automatically import contacts.


Whether your Active Directory is cloud hosted or on-premise, our unique PowerShell script allows you to specify an organisational unit or group of users to upload into the system.


When new employees join or leave the business, VisitUs will automatically update its host like and make any necessary changes.


Microsoft Teams

The VisitUs system sends host notifications automatically via the customisable integration.


Notifications can include the option to sign out the visitor directly from the Microsoft Teams client, which is perfect if you notice your visitor forgot to sign out.


Incoming deliveries can also also trigger a Microsoft Teams notification so you no longer have to worry about a pile of deliveries waiting for collection at the front desk.

Microsoft visitor management system

Why should I install a sign-in app?

Many businesses are moving to a sign-in app for visitor logging and to collect important information from guests.

This is because sign-in apps offer a number of benefits over traditional paper-based visitor logs.


A sign-in app provides a more accurate record of who is currently on site and creates the ability for reporting unique trends that would normally be missed.


This is because the sign-in app gives you total control over the sign-in process. Visitors can be easily registered into the system by entering their details into an iPad or by scanning a QR code with their smartphone to check in.


An electronic sign-in app is more efficient than paper-based visitor logs. This is because they eliminate the need to manually register visitor’s details and provide a much better visitor experience. This can save businesses time and money by avoiding manual tasks like having to phone a host or find someone in their team to come and greet the visitor.


Finally, sign-in app systems offer a number of other features that can be beneficial for businesses. For example, sign-in app systems allow businesses to collect data about their visitors, such as contact information and the purpose of their visit. This information can be used to improve customer service or target marketing efforts.


For more information check out our visitor management FAQ page.

Does the VisitUs sign-in app come with a companion app?

Yes, each VisitUs Reception subscription includes access to our mobile app for hosts.

Our smartphone apps are compatible with Android and IOS devices.


Both versions of the smartphone app supports pre-registration and evacuation management, delivery notifications and sign-in and sign-out options. They are also free to download.


Hosts are sent an app authorisation code to login to the app.


Once they enter the code to connect the app to their account they can start registering visitors.


Signing in and out of your location is easy with the smartphone app. It can be as easy as two button presses.

Pre-register Visitors

Employee Sign-in

Web Dashboard

Sign Documents

Print Badges

Multiple Locations



Visitor Photos

Mobile App


Custom Entry Fields


Instant notifications


Advanced Reporting

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