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Connecting VisitUs to your workplace has never been easier

Create a fully integrated solution by connecting VisitUs to your exisitng platforms. Use our public API and webhooks to automate internal processes and further enhance the efficiecncy of your workplace.

Zapier Integration Diagram

Integrate VisitUs with over 2,000 Apps to create custom automated workflows. Concentrate on more important tasks whilst Zapier takes care of notifying employees and updating your current systems.

Create an automation in minutes with it’s easy to use drag and drop interface.

VisitUs triggers and actions include:

- A trigger for when a visitor or staff member signs in or out

- Directly sign in or pre-register a visitor from your connected Zap

If you already have an exisiting system that you want to connect to the Victorian Government Visitation API then this could be your perfect solution.

COVID Safe logo

COVIDSafe App Compatible

Ensure that your sign in system meets local government requirements by redirecting visitors to complete their check in via the approved COVID-Safe app after a successful sign in.

This way you can continue to gather required visitor information whilst also allowing your state government to contact anyone in the event of a possible infection risk.

Outlook and Gmail icons

Outlook & Gmail Calendars

Pre-register visitors directly from a calendar invite with no add-ons or plugins required.

Simply include [email protected] into your meeting invite and VisitUs will check each recipient and pre-register anyone external from your business.

Pre-registration allows visitors and contractors to update their details and complete your site induction before arriving on site.

Musterd Logo

Musterd Roll Call and Musterd Sweep and Clear offers evacuation enhancements that link your existing access control system to VisitUs.

Some of the key benefits include:

- Cloud based system means that it keeps on working whether your site has lost power or internet connectivity

- Staff / Employees can mark themselves as safe at assembly points using a unique QR code or the Musterd Mobile access control card reader

- Mark zones as safe or unsafe during a sweep and clear procedure

- Musterd can manage multiple evacuation events including fires, terror incidents, floods and toxic chemicals

- See the last known reported location of your fire marshals.

Inner Range Inception Logo

Improve your emergency evacuation procedure by connecting the Inception access control system to VisitUs.

Instantly create evacuation checklists that includes both visitors and employees at the touch of a button. Checklists are sent to all registered fire marshals via SMS, email and through the VisitUs Mobile App.

Automatically add new contacts into Inception to reduce the time it takes to grant new visitors or contractors access to your site.

VisitUs can also automatically open doors or boom gates when a visitors or contractor successfully signs in.

NFC logo

Smart NFC Tags

Create fast and easy sign in points using our cost effect custom printed NFC tags.

Simply tap your mobile device onto the NFC tag and the VisitUs Mobile app will open and sign you in or out depending on your current status.

NFC Tags can also be created with a direct link to your online sign in portal. Visitors and contractors tap their mobile on the tag to sign in with no app install required.

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