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Benefits of pre-registering visitors for an upcoming visit

Visitor pre-registration can be an excellent way to efficiently manage visitors and contractors entering your premises. Some of the key benefits include:

Send QR codes

Send visitors a unique QR code that can be re-used for return visits. Ideal for a frequent visitor.

Super fast sign-in

Fast track the visitor sign in process. Your pre-registered visitor simply enters their mobile number or QR code into the VisitUs home screen to complete the sign in process.

Hosts can enter visitor details

Hosts and admin staff can pre-register their own visitors and enter visitor details.

Pre-populate visitor details

All of their information is automatically populated and the check in the visitor management system. No need to re-enter details again.

Use their own device

Visitors and contractors can complete a site induction and sign an NDA online from their own device.

Send site information

Send a customised email to pre-registered visitors with important information about their visit.

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How to trigger the visitor pre-registration process?

There are multiple ways for hosts to pre-register upcoming visitors in the VisitUs System.


Online portal

Each VisitUs subscription comes with a dedicated online pre-registration portal that you can send to visitors or contractors to self enrol.


Mobile Host App

VisitUs offer a mobile app for both Android and IOS. Hosts can pre-register visitors manage their notifications whilst on the go.


CSV file upload

If you have a large function or event with multiple visitors, it maybe best to pre-register them using a CSV file.

Simply upload your guest list into the VisitUs dashboard and we take care of the rest.


Calendar invite

Possibly the simplest way for a host to pre register a visitor is by including VisitUs in their meeting invite that they send to the visitor.

By including [email protected] to the appointment, the VisitUs system will recognise the organiser as the host and then automatically pre-register all external invitees.

Pre-register Visitors

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