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7 Million + Sign-ins

Join the millions that have signed-in using the VisitUs platform

Optimised for your industry

The VisitUs android visitor management apps can be used in almost any industry to track and manage visitors.

Our smart visitor management system can be customised with multiple sign in types, each with their own unique sign in requirements. Some of the industries our android visitor sign in app can be used in, include Logistics, Manufacturing and Government and Aged Care.

Instant alert notifications

Alert your employees when their visitor has arrived with instant notifications

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Microsoft Teams Notifications

Send a Microsoft Teams instant notification to a host when their visitors sign in. Each notification can also include a button for the host to sign them out and include the details of the person who has arrived.

SMS sign out reminders

Our visitor management software can send visitors and contractors an SMS reminding them to sign out at the end of their visit. They simply click the link in the SMS to sign out remotely.

Mobile app for hosts

Each host that is registered in the system can download our visitor management app to their mobile device. The app allows hosts to receive push notifications, pre-register visitors, sign in and sign out all from the palm of their hand.

Email notifications

Email notifications can be sent to hosts that include the details of their visitor. Information like their induction results, picture and listed along with a button to sign-out the visitor.

Manage the entire visitor management process from a web dashboard

Each subscription of our visitor management software offers the ability to create multiple administrators. Each administrator has access to export visitor data, customise the visitor management sign-in process and create contactless check in QR codes.

Fully customize the visitor sign-in process

Add text, dropdown, checkboxes or numeric questions to gather the details your business needs to allow access to your visitors. Add a PDF document that can be signed, play a short video and edit customised alerts for each sign-in type remotely from any web enabled device.

Create detailed reports

Monitor visitors and extract customer or visitor logging data to generate reports for security staff in just a few clicks. It's easy to create capacity management or compliance reports as all the data can be exported in CSV format.

Visitor sign-in

When a VIP visitor arrives, offer a warm welcome by signing them in directly from the VisitUs dashboard for a seamless visitor experience. Sign in visitors, manage deliveries and send a customised email to the visitor that includes details like parking information and emergency exit locations to minimise your compliance risk.

Visitor tracking

Enhanced visitor tracking for complex work environments allows you to review a digital record of everyone who is currently signed in and out of your location. The dashboard view shows how many visitors are currently onsite, and can be customised to show important information such as their access point or car registration.

Connect your data using our rest based API

VisitUs is a cloud based solution with an API interface that improves efficiency by automating key facility processes, extracting live visitor logging data or visitor information and then passing that on to internal systems like an access control system.

Pre-registered visitors love how easy it is to sign-in

Reduce the average response time in your reception and become better at managing foot traffic by pre-registering visitors in the cloud based software before they arrive. Your management team can pre-register visitors by Outlook or Google calendar invite without the need to install an app.

Induction links are sent via email

Pre-register guests and job candidates so that they can enter their details and complete any mandatory sign-in requirements via your unique web portal in their own time.

Play a safety video

Achieve regulatory compliance by displaying a video when your visitors arrive that briefs them on your sites safety requirements.

Sign NDA's and safety documents

Enforce safety protocols, meet your compliance requirements and protect intellectual property by capturing your visitors signature on legal documents or NDA's.

Send a unique QR code

Once the visitor pre-registration is complete and they arrive on site, the visitor can use the contactless QR code sign in option or enter their mobile number to complete the check-in process.

How the VisitUs visitor management system can improve your evacuation plans

The VisitUs visitor management system works as an evacuation management system to help manage and track the movements of people. This can help ensure employee safety and makes sure that evacuates efficiently and reduce your businesses security and compliance risk.

Trigger evacuations direct from your mobile

Each Fire marshals registered in the system can trigger an evacuation directly from the VisitUs mobile app for Android and IOS.

Visitors can respond whether they are safe

When a visitor signs in they are automatically included the evacuation checklist. If they have left the building without signing out or in need of assistance, visitors can let you know if they're safe.

First aiders are instantly alerted of anyone in danger

First aiders and fire marshals are automatically alerted via SMS if someone reports that they are in need of assistance.

Checklists are accessible online during the evacuation

Each fire marshal can update the checklist independently, reducing the time it takes to account for everyone. All visitors, contractors and staff are included in the checklist to give you maximum visibility.

Screen visitors, contractors and staff

Verify that each person who enters your location fulfils the requirements of the businesses.

Multiple choice questions

Add custom questions to your screening process to ensure each sign in meets your sites safety requirements before granting visitor access.

Send alerts for failed results

Keep the front desk in your workplace secure by instantly notify your office security when someone fails the induction questionnaire.

Customise the questions for each sign-in type

Manage visitors screening questions so that you only ask relevant questions to the correct person to create a better visitor experience. There is also the option to enable photo capture so that you can clearly see what your visitors looks like to improve access control protocols.

View live results on the web dashboard

Security personnel or human resources teams can export visitor data and view the screening results via the web dashboard.

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ISO 27001 Certified Visitor Management Solution

Certified to the highest standards

Our visitor management app has aligned its security programs with ISO/IEC 27001, followed secure development practices, conduct regular security testing and provided ongoing security training for our employees to ensure regulatory compliance.

Your data is protected

Full disk encryption is enabled for all systems containing customer data, backups are encrypted using AES256 symmetric encryption algorithm.

Choose where your visitor data is stored

Unlike other visitor management apps for android, You can select the region you would like your data to be stored. Choose from Australian, American or European hosting to ensure it meets your compliancy needs.

Integrated with Microsoft

Connect VisitUs to your corporate directory to automatically import employees. Once imported they can receive visitors and instant alerts via email, SMS and Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Active Directory

Synchronise your Microsoft Active Directory with VisitUs to automatically import contacts.


Whether your Active Directory is cloud hosted or on-premise, our unique PowerShell script allows you to specify an organisational unit or group of users to upload into the visitor management system.


When new employees join or leave the business, VisitUs will automatically update its host like and make any necessary changes.


Microsoft Teams

The VisitUs system sends host notifications automatically via the customisable integration.


Notifications can include the option to sign out the visitor directly from the Microsoft Teams client, which is perfect if you notice your visitor forgot to sign out.


Incoming deliveries can also also trigger a Microsoft Teams notification so you no longer have to worry about a pile of deliveries waiting for collection at the front desk.

Microsoft Teams integration

Pre-register Visitors

Employee Sign-in

Web Dashboard

Sign Documents

Print Badges

Multiple Locations



Visitor Photos

Mobile App


Custom Entry Fields

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