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Visitors Management Dashboard

Control your visitor management system from the web dashboard

VisitUs is easy to configure and manage all from a central web dashboard. Access your sign-in system from anywhere in the world with a web enabled device.

Customise the sign in process

Add multiple sign-in types and configure entry requirements for each one.

Create custom reports

Export reports in an Excel friendly format or set-up automated reporting which displays a list of everyone who has signed in.

Pre-register visitors and contractors

Speed up the sign-in process by inviting a visitor or contractor to enter their details prior to arrival.

Manage your hosts

Add or remove hosts in the system so that they can receive instant notifications when their visitors arrive.

Set booking and capacity limits

Manage the time and days that visitors can register to visit. There's also the opportunity to set capacity limits with alerts that notify administrators when the site is not compliant.

Manage evacuations

Trigger an emergency evacuation and review detailed reports after the incident.

How to add hosts using the web dashboard

Adding hosts is an important part of any visitor management system so that it can send instant notifications when a visitor signs-in.

Active Directory

Sync your on-premise or Azure Active Directory with VisitUs using our PowerShell driven integration. The sync can be run, daily, weekly or monthly to automatically add and remove hosts from the system. Information like job title, department and location can also be inserted into the hosts profile unlock more benefits of the system.

CSV File

If you have a spreadsheet of hosts saved on your computer you can simply upload them into VisitUs and it will populate them in your dashboard. This can be a great way to get the system up and running quickly so that hosts can receive notifications and sign-in easily.

Simple Form

If you don't have lots of employees, then we offer a simple form to manually enter host details. This is also a great option if you want to add an extra person who might not be in your Active Directory but you want them to receive visitors.

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