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Key Features

All features are included across all of our subscriptions.


Automatic notifications are sent to hosts instantly via SMS, Email, Slack or Webex Teams. This ensures that your visitors receive a prompt and professional greeting every time.

Notifications contain the details of the visitor and the ability to sign them out remotely, allowing your hosts to easily manage their own visitors.

Host notifications via email, SMS, Webex Teams or Slack

Push notifications to the mobile app

Alert hosts when a VIP or a security risk has arrived

Sign out visitors via the email notification or mobile app

Notify hosts and visitors in case of an emergency

Notify hosts when a delivery has arrived

Automated sign out reminders

Couriers can notify hosts that they have arrived

Send a copy of every notification to a designated mailbox


Staff and visitor safety is critical in any work environment. Our I AM SAFE feature allows visitors and staff to easily mark themselves as safe which, is updated on the online evacuation checklist.

Checklists can be accessed by all fire marshals and safety personnel simultaneously, speeding up the time it takes to identify if anyone may need help.

Enable an evacuation for hosts and visitors in seconds

Hosts and visitors can mark themselves as safe from an SMS notification

Conduct fire and emergency drills with ease

Display a safety or informational video prior to entering a location

Capture signed NDA's and Privacy documents

Nominate specific hosts to be a safety officer or fire marshalls

Alert hosts when there is a security risk or person of interest on site

Send bulk SMS messages to visitors and staff

Display a safety message on the home screen


Seamlessly preregister visitors to speed up the sign in process.

Preregistered visitors can complete mandatory inductions, watch safety videos, and sign documents online before arrival on site.

Preregister via calendar invite, mobile app, web portal or dashboard

Allow visitors to complete their induction online before arriving

QR code included for faster sign in

Embed directions to your site with a Google Maps link

Visitors can save their badge to their mobile wallet

Branded so it appears to come directly from your business


Enable your visitors to read and sign documents like NDA’s, evacuation diagrams or health and safety procedures.

Set an expiry on inductions, allowing returning visitors and contractors to skip processes if they return within a valid date and time.

Publish PDFs that require a signature and acceptance

Add a URL link to a privacy page that will display during sign in

Set an expiry on inductions

Display a video with compliance information

Send an email alert if an induction is failed

GDPR Compliant


Take away the hassle of receiving packages and improve efficiency in your workplace.

The simple mobile interface and dashboard allows your business to receive a delivery, capture details and notify recipients within seconds.

Use the mobile app, dashboard or iPad to log deliveries and send notifications

Customisable delivery notifications

Record tracking details and courier company with each delivery

Track deliveries and see when they were dropped off and collected

Request a signature when collecting parcels

Record when someone collects a delivery on behalf of someone else

Custom Interface

The VisitUs Reception interface can be customised, so your solution can look and feel just how you like it.

Display logos and images with information or advertising to create an attractive, custom sign in experience.

Brand the system with your own logo and background images

Create custom fields, drop-downs and checkboxes

Ask different questions depending on the visitor type

Create comprehensive multiple choice questionnaires

Offer translation in 18 different languages


Create powerful reports using the web dashboard and export them directly into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Great for forecasting trends, reviewing visitor feedback and completing important compliance checks.

Fully customisable reports

Staff time and attendance reporting

Download signed NDA's and documents with ease

Trend analysis including the busiest day and time of the week

Export into Excel friendly CSV file

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