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How can an employee sign-in each day?

VisitUs offers multiple ways for employees to sign-in.



Signing in and out is made easy by using an iPad in your front desk area.

Employees can sign in by presenting their unique QR code, entering their mobile number or by simply searching for their name.


Contactless QR Code

Placing QR codes at each entry point is a convenient way for employees to scan to sign-in without the need to go through your reception area.

The QR code links to a portal that can check the employees GPS location to ensure that they aren’t checking in from home.


Online portal

Sign-in from any web enabled device by navigating to your sites unique portal. Each VisitUs location is set-up with a portal URL that can be made available on your internal intranet.


Mobile Host App

VisitUs offers a mobile app for both Android and IOS that allows employees to sign-in directly from their mobile device. The mobile app is also a great way for employees to manage their visitors and receive notifications.


Facial Recognition

The VisitUs iPad app includes built in facial recognition technology that can identify and sign-in an employee in under five seconds.

There’s no need to press any buttons or fill in any forms as the system can recognise the employee from a photo uploaded in the dashboard.


Web Dashboard

Receptionist and office administrators can sign-in employees directly from the web dashboard.

It’s as simple as search for their name and clicking the sign-in button.

Add a user account for all system administrators at no extra cost.

What the benefits of the VisitUs employee sign-in system?

Recording employee sign-ins can boost efficiency and improve safety . Some of the key benefits include:

Improve evacuation management

Instantly generate an accurate record of employees and visitors in the event of an emergency by enabling the VisitUs evacuation feature. A live checklist is then sent to designated marshals via SMS, email and push notification.

Verify timesheets for payroll

Export and download a detailed log of employee access times from the VisitUs web dashboard. All employee data can be filtered by date and locations making it easier for payroll teams to monitor.

Measure capacity

Access a live view of all employees signed-in and trigger alerts when your site is at maximum capacity.

Record breaks

VisitUs offers the ability to record breaks throughout the day and exports the information in a CSV report.

Multi-site sign in

Easily track employee movements throughout the workday as they move between different sites. If an employee signs-in to a new site the system automatically signs them out from their last location.

Ensure compliance

Keeping your workplace safe is a top priority, so that's why VisitUs includes the ability to ask employees questions on sign-in and sign-out. Whether it's a health declaration or simply taking a photo to verify they are in the building, VisitUs makes it easier to secure your site.

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