Embracing innovative technology elevates business operations, and geofencing capability embedded in the VisitUs Host App.

Imagine a world where the mundane task of signing employees in and out becomes automated, secure, and supremely efficient—that's the world VisitUs offers.

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Automatically sign in and out

With geofencing technology, employees can automatically sign in and out simply by entering or leaving a predefined geographical boundary, transforming the way presence and time are managed on-site.

One of the primary benefits is the elimination of manual processes. No longer do employees need to queue at a sign-in station or remember to manually log their hours.

This not only increases compliance with attendance policies but also frees up valuable time for both employees and administrative staff.

Prompt employees to sign in or out

The VisitUs Host app can prompt employees to sign in or out, as opposed to automatic check-ins, this way it provides an added layer of interaction and acknowledgment that can enhance several areas of operations.

Firstly, prompts can serve as a gentle reminder for employees to actively confirm their presence, ensuring that they are prepared for their workday or confirming that their workday has ended.

By prompting employees through geofencing as opposed to automatic sign-ins, businesses can maintain a level of personal choice and control for staff. Employees get to physically acknowledge their whereabouts, which can be essential for privacy and autonomy, key factors in employee satisfaction.

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