Visitor photos

Improve the security of your site by snapping a photo of your visitors and contractors as they sign in or out. Photos can be printed on visitor badges and included in notifications sent to their host.

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Easy to use interface

Photo’s can be taken using the VisitUs iPad or using your unique web portal. Each picture is cropped into a square making it ideal for visitor badges and displaying in your web dashboard.

Improve security

Help your employees and security team verify a visitor or contractor by printing the photo on their visitor badge. This makes visitors feel more comfortable as they are less likely to be challenged as they can easily display their credentials more easily.

Make it easier for hosts to recognise visitors

When interviewing for a position in your business it can often be hard to tell who your visitor is in a crowded reception. Email notifications from the system include the visitors photo, and all their answers to the sign-in process, so it makes it easier for your employees to identify their visitor.

Take a photo on sign-in and sign-out

If you would like to verify that the right person is signing in or out of your location then you can configure VisitUs to request a photo on both sign-in and sign-out. All photos are recorded in the system and can be accessed via a report in the web dashboard.

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