Visitor Sign-In System

Enhancing Workplace Security with a Visitor Sign-in System

A digital visitor sign-in or management system is often likened to the traditional visitor registration book. Although it might seem like these two perform the same functions, they are totally different. You can do so much more with a visitor sign-in system, including tracking and controlling visitors’ movements, integrating virtual concierge software and printing out visitor badges. And all this can be done using only the visitor’s smartphone with absolutely no paperwork involved.

More importantly, a robust visitor sign-in system helps improve workplace security and safety. All guests are important to an organisation, from the pizza delivery guy and contractors to the staff’s friends and family. But without a way to enforce strict visitation protocols, guests can present unnecessary security and safety risks to the business. A digital sign-in system minimises these risks in the following ways:

Keeping Tabs on All Visitors

A visitor management system tells you the number of visitors on the premises and their whereabouts at any given time. The system keeps track of each guest from the moment they arrive till they leave. One way of doing this is by logging key-card entries made using the badges, QR codes or any other access token assigned to the visitor. This way, the system can map all the places each visitor has been to and their rough location at any time.

Differentiating Visitors from Staff

It’s crucial to differentiate outsiders from the internal staff when it comes to security clearance. You certainly don’t want guests wandering unattended into restricted or highly-protected areas such as server rooms, data centres, or executive offices where they can stumble upon sensitive resources. You also can’t have untrained persons walk into hazardous environments.

Integrating a digital sign-in system with the premises’ security systems enables you to restrict guests’ movements within authorised areas. And with assigned visitor badges, the security team can keep an eye out for guests who are not where they’re supposed to be.

Secure and Compliant Information Gathering

Both manual and digital visitor sign-in systems collect a lot of information from guests. Some of this information might be personal and sensitive — for example, identity and contact details. Nowadays, depending on the business, handling sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) is governed by several data security and privacy regulations, such as the Privacy Act, HIPAA and especially GDPR.

Using a digital sign-in system gets you a step closer to compliance because you can directly and precisely control the amount of data collected from each individual, how it’s stored, who has access to it, and how it is used. You can also incorporate user consents, NDAs and permissions when collecting, processing or sharing information.

Keeping Everyone Safe

As a business owner, you are legally responsible for the safety and wellbeing of everyone within the business premises. A visitor sign-in system integrates guests into the organisation’s security framework. For instance, all visitors can be instantly alerted, located and accounted for in an emergency. It also makes it easier for security personnel to find lost guests or those in distress.

Still, on the matter of safety, many visitor sign-in tools today even have COVID-19 screening features. Checking for signs of infection or vaccination status among guests helps minimise the risk of spreading the deadly virus in the workplace.

Deterring Crime

Scrutinising guests and having them check in to a tracking system right at the door helps deter crime. Any visitor intent on causing harm will think twice before signing in to the system. Plus, if a guest steals or vandalises something or harms others, these systems can provide valuable investigative information to incriminate and catch the culprit.

Final Word

Security is a priority concern in any workplace. So, it’s essential to eliminate or at least minimise unnecessary security risks in the workplace, and guests are one of those risks. A visitor sign-in system helps you exercise a high level of security caution when admitting and accommodating visitors to the business premises.

Enhance your workplace safety and security today with the VisitUs sign-in system. Our robust and intuitive visitor management software is designed to create a safe and secure work environment while saving time and effort at the front desk.