Instant notifications

Why wait to learn about a visitor’s arrival or a package delivery? Instant notifications from VisitUs give you the power to stay on top of events as they happen, ensuring that no visitor, contractor, or delivery goes unnoticed.

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Email and SMS

VisitUs offers instant email and SMS notifications, opening a gateway to improved communication and enhanced operational productivity.

From acknowledging the entry of a VIP guest to receiving alerts when a delivery is at your doorstep, instant notifications remove the delay in information flow.

The benefits of real-time alerts can be contribute to a safer and more responsive business environment.

Microsoft Teams

By leveraging the widespread use of Microsoft Teams within organisations, VisitUs ensures that host notifications are seamlessly woven into the daily workflow of individuals.

The benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams notifications include the ability for real-time alerting within an environment that team members use consistently throughout their workday.

This means that when someone signs into VisitUs, whether it be a guest or a delivery, the relevant individuals or groups are instantaneously informed through the familiar Microsoft Teams interface. It reduces the need to switch between applications, saving time and maintaining focus.

Push notifications to the VisitUs Mobile App

Push notifications to the VisitUs mobile host app offer immense benefits by providing immediate communication directly to the device of an individual host. This real-time alert system supports today’s mobile-centric world, where staff are frequently on the move and not always at their desks.

The advantage of push notifications is that they are designed to grab attention effectively. Unlike emails that can get lost in an inbox or SMS messages that might be overlooked, a notification popping up on a smartphone screen is hard to ignore. This ensures prompt responses to visitor arrivals or urgent information updates, which is critical in fast-paced work environments.

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