Migrating visitor management systems

If you're currently using visitor management system or are in the process of transitioning from a paper log book then VisitUs makes it easy to migrate from your current solution.

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Transfer visitor data in 3 easy steps

Import your visitor data quickly and easily to make a seamless transition to the VisitUs visitor management system.

Step 1

Export your visitor data from your exisiting system into a CSV or Excel file.


Most systems should allow you to export your visitor data in the reporting section of the web dashboard.


If you currently use a paper logbook then you can skip this step and move straight to step number two.

Step 2

Download the VisitUs data import template and copy over your visitor data.


Our template is a simple CSV file with the exact column names required to import the data successfully.


If you have been using a paper logbook then you can insert important visitor data directly into the template.

Step 3

Import the visitor data using the VisitUs web dashboard.


It should take less than 1 minute to import up to 10,000 records at a time.


If you have a very large set of data, contact VisitUs support as we can help with the migration process.

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