VisitUs empowers organisations to seamlessly integrate their unique branding into the visitor management experience. Tailoring your visitor management system with your own logos, colors, and branding elements not only aligns with your corporate identity but also elevates the reception experience for your guests.

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Import your own logo

Displaying your logo is a critical component of brand management and visitor experience.

Your logo is often the first point of visual contact for anyone entering your premises, and it sets a professional tone for the visit.

A visitor management system with your logo can also contribute to a seamless brand experience. It provides a cohesive look and feel throughout the visitor’s journey, from the moment they check-in on the tablet to the badges they wear around your facility.

This consistency in branding helps convey a strong, unified company image, which can positively impact visitor perceptions and the overall reputation of your business.

Scrolling background images

Having different background images displayed on the tablet for visitors to sign in isn't just about aesthetics; it is a strategic touchpoint for enhancing the visitor experience. Customisable background images on the VisitUs sign-in tablet serve several purposes that go beyond just looking good.

Create a cohesive experience from the moment a visitor enters the building. Tailoring these backgrounds to match company branding or display welcoming scenes can forge an inviting atmosphere and leave a lasting impression.

Distinct background images can be used to display information relevant to the day's events, such as welcoming messages for event attendees. This kind of customisation can simplify the sign-in process for guests, directing them intuitively through their visit initiation.

By updating background images regularly or according to seasons and occasions, businesses can keep the visitor experience fresh and engaging. This dynamic approach can contribute positively to a visitor’s perception of the company as modern and attentive to detail.

Apply your own colour scheme

The power of consistency in branding cannot be understated. It ties together the visual aspects of your business's identity, which is central to how your brand is perceived and remembered.

Matching the button colors on your visitor management system to your brand colors creates an interface that is intuitively associated with your company. This consistency helps in reinforcing brand awareness, both for the visitor signing in and your employees interacting with the system daily.

Customised button colors can improve user experience by making the interface more user-friendly and accessible.

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