Visitor Management System for Government Offices

The VisitUs cloud based visitor management system is used by government offices all around the world across different sectors, including the fire department, education and transport to manage the demand for public access.

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Why a visitor management solution is required for your Government office?

There are many reasons government offices need to have a cloud based visitor management solution in place


Although there maybe a temptation to try a free solution, VisitUs offers benefits that can save time and drive efficiency in the workplace.

Live view of everyone signed-in

In many government buildings, there are a lot of visitors and contractors coming in and out on a daily basis. By having a live view of who is on site providing real time insights, government offices can be sure that only authorised personnel are present.

Keep track of visitors

It is important to know who is on site in case of an emergency, but it is also important for government offices to keep track of contractors for billing purposes. Visitor tracking can be important in understanding the sites capacity limitations, potential contact tracing requirements and to measure potential risk to improve security.

Easier check-in process

By having a digital visitor management system, government offices can make the check-in process quick and easy. This is especially important for government offices that receive a lot of visitors on a daily basis.

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Why VisitUs is the perfect visitor management system for your government office

Our cloud based visitor management software is ideal for all sizes of government agencies, from the local, state or federal levels. Our system provides a professional way to greet visitors and streamline the visitor sign-in process so that you no longer have to worry about a busy reception area. As an administrator of the system you have complete control over managing visitors and the entire registration process.

Pre-register visitors

Visitor pre-registration can be set up for known visitors in advance of their arrival. This is perfect for government offices that have VIP visitors or those that are expecting a high volume of visitors. Visitor information is recorded in the system and the visitor presents their unique QR code to the system on arrival.

Document signing

Reduce your security and regulatory risk by collecting visitors' signatures on non-disclosure or legal documents. Each document is stored on our cloud servers and a copy of the document is sent to the visitor after they have completed the visitor registration.

Instant notifications

Receive email, push notification and SMS notifications when your visitors check in. Host notifications also contain the details of the visitor and the ability to sign them out at the end of their visit.

Print badges

Create custom badges that print out after a visitor check-in. Badge printing is available for each visitor type and they can have different information displayed on the badge including their photo, QR code, visitor type and any other details that they have entered during the check-in process.

Automated evacuations

VisitUs sends an online checklist to all registered fire marshals via SMS, email, and push notification in the case of an emergency. Each marshal can mark individuals as safe or the visitor can update their status by responding to the SMS. Evacuations procedures with clear instructions can be emailed to visitors after they have completed all of the required registration processes.

Best customer service

World class customer care voted the best in the industry by in 2022. Get in touch with any of our Australian based support team via email, phone or live chat and we would be more than happy to answer any questions.

Contactless check-in

Multiple entry points may offer a distinct QR code that makes it simple for contractors and visitors to check in using their own mobile device.

Health screening

Screening visitors can be very important when trying to keep your office safe. During the visitor arrival, VisitUs offers the ability to present multiple choice screening questions. If a visitor or contractor fails to meet the entry requirements then they will be refused entry and your security personnel will be automatically notified of the failed sign-in attempt.

Professional greeting

Transform the front desk to your modern workplace with a system that focuses on providing the best visitor experience. The VisitUs cloud based software is an easy to use platform that both visitors and administrators love to use.

How do i implement the VisitUs visitor management solution?

VisitUs is Australia’s leading cloud based visitor management software. Our team of specialists will help you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition to our system.

QR code only solution

If you opt to sign-in visitors and contractors via a QR code then the set-up process will take a matter of minutes. Once you have created an account with VisitUs, you will be taken through a short set-up wizard.

At the end of the wizard you will have the opportunity to print out your unique QR code and then you are ready to go.

iPad terminals

Connecting an iPad to your account offers some great benefits including the ability to print badges and sign-in using facial recognition.

After creating your account with VisitUs you will be presented with a link code. Simply download the VisitUs Reception app from the AppStore and then enter your link code into the iPad. The iPad will now be connected to your account and is ready to sign in visitors, contractors and employees.

There’s no limit to the amount of iPads you can connect to your account which is ideal for busy reception areas.

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What is visitor management software?

Visitor management software is a system that government offices use to streamline the process of registering and tracking visitors and contractors.


The benefits of using such a system include having a live view of who is on site, the ease of use for visitors and contractors to check-in and the increase in the security level for the building.


Government offices need to be socially responsible and having a flexible digital visitor management system makes that possible. It needs to make gathering visitor data quick and easy by making data entry a breeze.


Visitor management solutions should also offer a way to customise the check in process, send instant alert notifications, track visitors and integrate with existing tools.

What is the best way to compare visitor management solutions?

There are a number options that we would recommend for comparing visitor management systems

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Why not try out the visitor management system, this way, you can see how the software works and whether it is the right fit for your government office.

At VisitUs, we offer a free 7-day trial of our visitor management system.

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A great way to see if a visitor management system is right for your government office is to get a demo from the software provider.

At VisitUs, we also offer a free demo of our visitor management system.

Read the reviews

Another way to see if a visitor management system is right for your government office is to read the reviews.

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