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Delivery Management Software System

Delivery Management

Our delivery management software provides a hassle-free solution to any of your delivery concerns no matter the size of your shipment. With the ability for your courier to alert recipients of their delivery’s location and details of the shipment during the delivery process, each party benefits from the system, allowing effective communication to be maintained between all stakeholders.

With the help of VisitUs delivery management software, your business can track the number of deliveries that are received and collected and couriers can upload photos of the parcel as proof of delivery. To maintain efficiency, the system will also record when deliveries are collected and dropped off. The system will also record cases where someone else receives the delivery on someone’s behalf to avoid miscommunications and provide evidence for such transactions.

How does it work?

SMS or Email notifications to recipients

Report on how many deliveries are received and collected

Create reports and analytics to manage delivery overflow

Allows couriers and other services to alert recipients on arrival

Quickly capture parcel information and instantly alert recipients

Record details of the staff member collecting the delivery

Capture details and take a photo of a parcel

Couriers can leave parcels at unmanned locations and alert hosts

Input deliveries via the dashboard, iPad or IOS mobile app

Recording Deliveries

Recording deliveries and collections is made easy for post rooms or busy receptions

iPad App

Couriers can quickly and easily log a delivery into the system using the iPad interface. An alert is instantly sent to the staff member who then comes out to greet them and accept the delivery.

Staff can sign for deliveries using the iPad which marks the package as collected.

Web Dashboard

System administrators can log deliveries directly from their PC or Mac using the web dashboard.

The dashboard can also display a live view of all deliveries across multiple locations and send out reminders for deliveries that haven't been collected yet.

IOS Mobile App

The IOS mobile app allows post room staff to take pictures and enter details of deliveries as they come in.

Once a delivery is entered a notification is sent to the recipient. The mobile app can also be used to mark deliveries as collected and gather the person's signature which makes it perfect for post room staff who drop them off to their desks.

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“Efficient, responsive and dedicated!”

We have been able to automate our reception and streamline meetings with our candidates. It has kept record of all our visitors and made our lives a little less complicated!

Love the way it sends a card to the Apple Wallet and the personalisation of having the company logo on the screen make it fit well with our brand.





Unlimited Visitors

Unlimited Hosts

Unlimited Terminals

Unlimited Support (24/7)

1 Year Subscription

All Features Included

No Hidden Charges

7 Day Free Trial

No-Fuss Delivery Management

Simplify your current delivery management system and make sure you have the most efficient way to liaise with your customers, with the ability to send SMS or Email pop-up notifications that instantaneously alert them of delivery. These alerts will also support your couriers as they can send messages to recipients when parcels are left in unmanned locations.

The customer interface that Visitus provides can be moulded to incorporate your individual brand personality by placing your businesses’ logo and background images into the sign-in experience.

As your delivery volumes increase, it can be difficult to monitor your businesses’ shipments, but with our delivery management system’s reports and analytical functions, this is not a concern. VisitUs’ customised reports can provide important information on business peak times to assist with scheduling and future business strategies to facilitate growth for your company.

Maximise the efficiency of your delivery systems today, with a free trial . VisitUs creates customised solutions for any industry that your business operates in, ranging from corporate to manufacturing and logistics.

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