Visitor management system for not for profit

VisitUs has been deployed in not for profit organizations all over the world to manage visitors and volunteers quickly and easily.

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Why do non profit organizations need to improve their visitor management process?

Having a visitor management system in place that can verify a visitors identity quickly and easily, allows volunteers and administrators to focus on more important tasks.

By offering a user friendly sign-in process, it will streamline evacuations, automatically print a visitor badge, and improve the safety of your site.

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What to look for in a visitor management system for not for profit

VisitUs is a flexible visitor management system that’s suited to not for profit organizations. Our software is easy to use and helps organizations to streamline their visitor management process.


Some of the key features include:

Ease of use

Our visitor management solution will be easy to use, making it simple for visitors to check in and out.

Track who is on site

Our visitor management software will allow you to track who is on site at any given time. This is important for safety and security purposes.

Stay organised

VisitUs has been tailored to help the transportation and logistics industry to ensure compliance levels and enable it to stay organised and run more smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Effortless contactless sign in

Sites with multiple entry points can present a unique QR code that makes it easy for contractors and visitors entering to complete a touch free sign-in.

Paperless evacuation management

In the event of an emergency VisitUs sends an online checklist to all registered fire marshals via SMS, email and push notification.

Automatic notifications

Receive instant automated notifications via SMS, Email and push notification when your guests check in.

Speed up first time visits

Pre-register visitors and contractors to allow them to fill in their details and complete your customised induction process off site.

Multilingual interface

Logistics companies often have employees from all over the globe, so it's important to present a solution that allows them to easily understand in their own language.

Detailed reporting

Quickly and easily export visitor data which can be used in contact tracing reports or to be included in your risk management analysis.

Why VisitUs is the perfect visitor management solution for your not for profit organization

With a customizable visitor management system, VisitUs can help you manage visitors, volunteers and employees. We offer key features such as unlimited visitor registration, PDF document signing, instant badge printing, contact tracing reports, evacuation management and much more that can help enhance your business.


The VisitUs platform is GDPR compliant and certified to ISO27001 standards. It also includes the ability to integrate with credentialing software to further increase the security of your site. Unlike free visitor management systems that could compromise your visitors security.


If you’re looking to find out what our secure visitor management system can offer your not for profit, be sure to contact us. Our easy-to-use system offers all the features and functionality you need to for any non profit organization.

Maintain a visitor logbook
Screen visitors
Improve well being
ID Badge printing

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