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Logistics Solutions

Enhanced inductions and workflows for efficiency in logistics.


Pre Register Visitors

Visitors, guests or contractors can be preregistered by a host. All hosts can preregister through the dashboard, mobile app, meeting invite or web portal.

On Location

Visit Us Reception

When a visitor or contractor arrives, they sign in with their information or the QR code created from preregistration.

Safety Procedures
Privacy and Compliance

Visitors and contractors can sign an NDA or view a privacy policy before entering a location.

Visit Us Notification

Once a sign in is complete, the host as well any specified recipients are notified.

Reporting in Mac VisitUs

The status of a visitors, contractors or staff can be viewed via the dashboard.


Using iphone for QR

Returning visitors can use an existing QR code or mobile number.

Safety Checklist

Pre-register your visitors, guests and contractors

Notification Icon

Notify hosts, staff, security and safety coordinators

Evacuation Icon

Manage evacuations and emergency drills

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