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Australia's best visitor management system

Welcome your visitors contractors and staff with an easy to use workplace management system that saves time and keeps them safe.

What makes VisitUs Reception Australia's best visitor management system?

If you’re looking for a trusted visitor management system in Australia, VisitUs software is tailor-made for the job.


The system is designed to manage screening visitorscontactless sign in, notifications, pre-registrationevacuations, deliveries and so much more.


VisitUs also has powerful integrations with over 2,000 apps, so you can create custom workflows and say goodbye to time-intensive tasks.


It also allows administrators to access real time insights and helps businesses manage their location with complete control over the sign-in process.

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Screen visitors, contractors and staff

Verify that each person who enters your location fulfills the requirements of the businesses.

Multiple choice questions

Add custom questions to your screening process to ensure each sign in meets your sites safety requirements before granting visitor access.

Send alerts for failed results

Instantly notify your security team if someone has failed the induction questionnaire so that you can act effectively to reduce risk.

Customise the questions for each sign-in type

Set-up each sign-in process so that you only ask relevant questions to the correct person.

View live results on the web dashboard

Quickly and easily view the screening results via the web dashboard.

Contactless Sign In

Contactless sign-in options

Select the sign in method that best suits your business.

QR code for each building entrance

Create a unique QR code for each of your site entrances so that notifications to hosts include where their visitor has arrived.

Save time with simultaneous sign ins

No more queues at your front desk as visitors can scan the unique QR code and use their own device to quickly and easily sign-in.

Advanced facial recognition

Automatically sign in visitors, contractors and employees without the need to manually enter information using advanced facial recognition.

Print badges from the iPad

Each sign in type can trigger the automatic badge printing feature. The badge can be fully customised and also include a QR code which can be used for contactless check in when they visit next time.

Instant alert notifications

Alert your employees when their visitor has arrived

White-labelled SMS

SMS sent to hosts and visitors are appear from your businesses name.

SMS sign out reminders

After the sign in process, visitors can be sent an SMS reminding them to sign out. They simply click the link in the message to sign out remotely.

Mobile app for hosts

Each host in the VisitUs system can receive push notifications and manage visitors via the mobile app.

Email notifications

The hosts notification includes the details of their visitor including their induction results, picture and a link to sign them out.

Manage the entire visitor management process from a web dashboard

Login to your own customised web dashboard and create the perfect sign in process for your business.

Fully customise the sign-in process

Add questions, upload documents to be signed and set the sign in requirements for each sign-in type remotely from any web enabled device.

Create detailed reports

Extract visitor or customer data in just a few clicks. It's easy to and create capacity management or compliance reports as all the data can be exported in CSV format.

Sign in visitors

Sign in and pre-register visitors directly from the VisitUs dashboard to provide VIP users a seamless experience.

Visitor tracking

Enhanced visitor tracking allows you to review a live list of everyone who is currently signed in and out of your location. The view can be customised to show important information such as their access point, car registration or any other details that were gathered during the sign in process.

Connect your data using our rest based API

VisitUs has created an API interface that allows you the customer to extract live data and pipe it into your own internal systems.

Visitors Management Dashboard

Pre-registered visitors love how easy it is to sign-in

Reduce the wait times in reception by pre-registering visitors before they arrive.

Induction links are sent via email

Pre-register visitors so that they can enter their details and complete the induction via your unique web portal in their own time.

Play a safety video

When visitors arrive display a video that briefs the visitor on your sites safety requirements.

Sign NDA's and safety documents

Minimise your security and compliance risk by capturing your visitors signature on NDA or safety documents.

Send a unique QR code

Once the visitor pre-registration is complete, they can use the contactless QR code sign in which dramatically reduces the time waiting in the reception area.

How the VisitUs visitor management system can improve your evacuation plans

Our visitor management system can be used in an evacuation to help manage and track the movements of people. This can help ensure that everyone gets out safely and efficiently.

Trigger evacuations direct from your mobile

Fire marshals can enable and disable the evacuation process directly from the VisitUs mobile app.

Visitors can respond whether they are safe

If they have left the building without signing out or in need of assistance, visitors can let you know if they're safe.

First aiders are instantly alerted of anyone in danger

If someone reports that they are in need of assistance then your first aiders are automatically notified via SMS.

Checklists are accessible online during the evacuation

Each fire marshal can update the checklist independently, reducing the time it takes to account for everyone. All visitors, contractors and staff are included in the checklist to give you maximum visibility.

ISO27001 GDPR Logos

ISO 27001 Certified

Certified to the highest standards

We’ve aligned our security programs with ISO/IEC 27001, followed secure development practices, conduct regular security testing and provided ongoing security training for our employees.

Your data is protected

Full disk encryption is enabled for all systems containing customer data, backups are encrypted using AES256 symmetric encryption algorithm.

Choose where your visitor data is stored

You can select the region you would like your data to be stored. Choose from Australian, American or European hosting to ensure it meets your compliancy needs.

No fuss delivery management

Send delivery notifications

Streamline your current post room processes by alerting recipients with an SMS, push notification and email when a delivery has arrived.

Track deliveries in real-time

Each delivery can be tracked including time, date, consignment number, picture, courier and which access point to the building was used. These can be exported from the system into a custom report so that you can see when and where each delivery took place.

Include collection details in delivery alerts

Customise the alert that is sent to recipients to include clear instructions regarding the collection process and request a signature from your staff member on collection. This completes the chain of custody from courier right to the recipient.

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Optimised for your industry

VisitUs works well in any industry as it provides a simple, efficient way to track and manage visitors. No matter what type of business you have, our visitor management system can be tailored to your specific needs. Some of the industries we work with include:- Logistics, Manufacturing and Corporate Offices

The VisitUs Reception suite is a visitor management solution that envisions your entrances and reception areas as critical points for managing the inflow and outflow of visitors, customers, and people within the building.

As such, we focus on features and functionality that create a safer working environment, support COVID screenings, offer contactless sign in options for high-traffic facilities, expedite inductions, and equip your organisation with popular integrations to extend the use of your visitor management solution.

Key features of VisitUs Reception include:

  • Triggering building-wide evacuations from mobile devices, which fire marshals can control.
  • Allows visitors to check-in and alert facilities management or front desk staff that they’ve left or, conversely, need assistance.
  • Providing access to crucial evacuation checklists when accounting for visitors and staff in the building.
  • Conduct COVID-19 screenings and recording temperature checks.
  • Managing visitors at multiple entrances using unique QR codes, preventing long queues.
  • Connecting with other essential software such as Google Calendars for scheduling, Mailchimp for customer follow-up and communication, etc.
  • Pre-registering users in an induction process, thus speeding up time and onboarding individuals with safety videos, contracts, and more.
  • Communicating with visitors and individuals within a facility through email, SMS, and push notifications.
  • Multiple locations can be managed from one web dashboard. There is also no limit to the amount of intuitive check in kiosks that can connect to your account.
  • Integrates easily with third party systems including safety compliance management software and access control systems.


Chosen by the NSW Department of Primary Industries as the top visitor management system in Australia, VisitUs offers all these essential functions built right in and allows you, the user, to decide which to use in what types of situations.

A web-based visitor management system is often confused with mobile app functionality – and while the two can connect, they’re not the same.


It often includes all the same functionality that a mobile application version of that web-based application offers. So, for example, VisitUs Reception enables fire marshals to start the evacuation process for a building directly from the VisitUs mobile app.


However, they can also access checklists online to account for individuals using the web-based visitor management software.

When you’re operating a business, you need to be aware of the people that come and go from your premises. From accessibility and staff management issues to safety and compliance, visitor management software offers benefits to guests and staff alike. Accurate tracking creates a safer working environment and allows you to meet your health and safety obligations. Since the onset of COVID-19, visitor management systems have become normalised in most commercial settings.

Also known as visitor management, visitor sign-in systems allow you to keep track of everyone on-site. Through the sign-in process, these systems gather and document key information in a database. This has implications across the board, from everyday operations to security and compliance. When you know the whereabouts of all people on your premises, you can ensure their safety through alerts, inductions, and notifications. Compared to manual entry, a visitor sign-in system is far more efficient, consistent, and accurate.

In a typical enterprise visitor management system, automated software is designed to manage guests when they arrive at your reception area. A variety of technologies can be used to record key information, including on-site QR codes, designated tablets, web portals and dashboards, and mobile apps. Most of these systems allow guests to use their own devices, which makes them affordable and simple to operate. Reception systems give you control over movements within your facility, along with site security and the safety of people in your care.

If you operate a business with any kind of foot traffic, visitor management software can prove extremely useful. Instead of relying on manual checks and personal communication, you can streamline the entire check-in process through smart automation. Also known as a visitor registration system, this type of software provides a wide range of benefits with zero downsides.

Visitor management system is often a cloud based software that are fast, efficient, and accurate. They record and report visitor data on a consistent basis, and they have the ability to communicate with guests when required. Reception management software is available on a variety of devices, including branded iPads and web portals. Printable and contactless QR codes are also available, with this option completely app-free for wider accessibility.

When you use a visitor registration system, workplace efficiency is greatly improved. Instead of tracking entry and exit times manually, automated software does all the hard work for you. If you want to manage specific guest interactions, induction links can be sent via email before guests arrive. If you need more control, you can manage all aspects of guest entry, workplace safety, and disclosure documentation. Visitor management systems are also much safer, with COVID screening helping to ensure guest safety and operational compliance.

If you’re trying to choose a visitor management system in Australia, there are lots of things to consider. From the size of your organisation to its accessibility and reporting requirements, every business is unique. Before you make a choice, it’s important to review all software features based on your needs and compliance obligations.

For example, due to COVID-19, many commercial organisations are obliged to follow certain sign-in criteria when a visitor arrives.

Accessibility is also important, with QR codes ensuring easy entry for all guests. Unique QR codes can be created for each building and entrance, which makes it easier to trigger evacuations, respond to first-aid incidents, and meet COVID-19 regulations. Security is another essential feature, with good software designed to protect people, property, and data. In addition, visitor management systems should be capable of generating accurate reports for the sake of compliance.

When choosing, it’s essential to find the right balance between complexity and ease of use. While you want options and features, the user interface should be well-designed and easy to navigate. Differentiation is also important, with software systems able to segment people into groups and tailor the user experience. While some visitor management systems treat all people alike, others provide dedicated solutions for visitors, contractors, staff, and delivery workers.

When you are planning your visitor management system, it is important to consider the needs of your organisation. Do you need to track visitors, contractors and employees? What type of information do you need to collect? What are your budget and space constraints?

There are a number of different visitor management solutions available on the market. Some are more comprehensive than others.

Selecting the right system for your organisation will depend on a number of factors.

Considerations when choosing a visitor management system:

– The size of your organisation

A smaller organisation may only need a simple system to track visitors. A larger organisation may need a more comprehensive system that can track multiple visitors and contractors simultaneously.

No matter the size of your organisation, VisitUs can scale to meet your requirements.

– The type of information you need to collect

Some systems only collect basic information, such as name and contact details. Others can collect more detailed information, such as ID type, company affiliation and reason for visit.

VisitUs allows you to customise the sign in experience so that you only ask for the necessary information depending on the sign in type.

– Budget

There is a wide range of pricing options for each visitor management system. Some are very affordable, while others can be quite expensive. Choose a system that fits within your budget.

Here at VisitUs we offer a simple pricing plan based on locations. Each location pays the same amount and there are no confusing pricing tiers. The more locations you implement the system the bigger the discount.

– Space constraints

If you have limited space, choose a system that can be easily installed and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The VisitUs system can be accessed via a unique QR code which is ideal if you don’t have the space for an iPad. Visitors simply scan the code to sign in or out.

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