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A sign in platform that provides
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Find out why VisitUs is trusted globally in managing site attendance, evacuations and compliance.

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Streamlined visitor management

Easy to use

Our Visitor Management system is super simple to use for both you and your customers alike. It frees you up to provide a warm and long-lasting experience or welcome.

Keeps track of compliance

Ensure compliancy with your safety protocols before granting site access. With the option to alert your team if the requirements are not met ,you will be confident that everyone on site is educated on their health and safety obligations.

Live view of everyone on site

Our intuitive web dashboard makes it easy to quickly find out who is currently signed in on site. Custom reports can be generated on historical data, so you’re always in the know about who has signed in.

Safety focused contractor management

Pre-register contractors

Use your unique online pre-registration portal to allow contractors to complete their site induction before they arrive, therefore greatly speeding up the sign in process.

Faster sign-in for return visits

When a contractor returns, they can simply scan their unique QR code that is sent to them on completion of the induction or enter their mobile number.

Export signed documents

Create customised reports from the web dashboard to monitor compliance among your contractors and export signed NDA's or safety documents

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Security first approach

Certified to the highest standards

We’ve aligned our security programs with ISO/IEC 27001, followed secure development practices, conduct regular security testing and provided ongoing security training for our employees.

Your data is protected

Full disk encryption is enabled for all systems containing customer data, backups are encrypted using AES256 symmetric encryption algorithm.

Flexible employee management

Create real time evacuation checklists

One of the key benefits to the employee management system is that it can provide a live list of everyone who is on site in the event of an emergency. Fire marshals are instantly sent an online evacuation checklist and an SMS is sent to all staff allowing them to mark themselves as safe.

Multiple ways to sign in

We offer multiple options to interact with the system including a dedicated staff mobile app, iPad for the front desk, NFC tags, public API, QR codes and integrations with access control systems. The adaptability of the system ensures that there's a suitable option for everyone.

Generate staff timesheets

Manage time and attendance with our built in timesheet reporting option.

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5 Star Ratings

“Happy customer and guests”

We replaced out paper based visitor register with VisitUs Reception over 12 months ago and haven't looked back. We get comments from clients daily asking what we are using as it works so well and looks professional.

Simple to setup and get started. easy to use for both administrators and guests. the interface is able to be customised to your own preferences including images, custom PDF for non disclosure and what data you need or want to collect about the guest.

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No fuss delivery management

Send delivery notifications

Our delivery management software streamlines your current post room processes by alerting recipients with an SMS, push notification and email when a delivery has arrived.

Track deliveries in real-time

Each delivery can be tracked including time, date, consignment number, picture, courier and which access point to the building was used. These can be exported from the system into a custom report so that you can see when and where each delivery took place.

Include collection details in delivery alerts

Customise the alert that is sent to recipients to include clear instructions regarding the collection process and request a signature from your staff member on collection. This completes the chain of custody from courier right to the recipient.

What's included in the system?

Every subscription grants you access to interact with the system the way you want

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Customisable iPad

Add your company branding

The clean and fresh interface can be completely customised with your own branding including the logo, background images and button colour.

Decide how people sign in

Configure which options display in the main menu so you have complete control on how people sign in and out.

Speed up return visits

Returning visitors, contractors or staff can enter their mobile number or scan their personal QR code to sign in without the need to fill in their details again.

Contactless QR code

No app required

Simply your unique QR code with your mobile camera to complete your sign in.

Display at multiple entrances

Printable QR codes can be downloaded from the dashboard and displayed at multiple entrances. When a host is notified that their visitor has arrived it will let them know where in the building that they entered.

Returning visitors are fast tracked

Our tablet interface offers returning visitors the option to scan the QR code on the screen or simply hold up their personal QR code from a previous visit. Fast, safe and effortless contactless visitor management.

Contactless Sign In
Visitors Management Dashboard

Web dashboard

Update your system from anywhere

Make changes to your sign in process and customise the interface from any web enabled device.

Upload hosts in seconds

Add hosts into your system in seconds so that they can receive notifications on visitor arrivals, evacuations and parcel deliveries.

Create custom reports

Extract the data you need using our powerful reporting tools. Generate staff timesheets and view trend analysis in seconds

Mobile host app

Pre-register visitors from your mobile

Pre-register visitors so that they can fill in their details and receive a personal QR code prior to their arrival.

Visitors and delivery alerts

Receive push notifications when your visitor arrives or if a parcel has been left in reception.

Trigger evacuations

Registered fire marshals can enable an evacuation which generates an online checklist and automatically notifies everyone who is signed in of the emergency.

Evacuation VisitUs
Visitors Management Web Portal

Web portal

Online pre-registration

Pre-registered visitors or contractors can receive a unique link to the portal to complete their induction online. Once the induction is complete, they receive a QR code which they present on arrival.

Sign in or out

You can display the portal on a desk mounted terminal or simply print off your QR code to direct visitors and contractors to the sign in portal.

Available on all devices

The web portal is a powerful part of the system that can be accessed from a web browser on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Choose where your data is stored

You can select the region you would like your data to be stored.

Choose from Australian, American or European hosting to to ensure it meets your compliancy needs.

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When you're operating a business, you need to be aware of the people that come and go from your premises. From accessibility and staff management issues to safety and compliance, visitor management software offers benefits to guests and staff alike.

Accurate tracking creates a safer working environment and allows you to meet your health and safety obligations. Since the onset of COVID-19, visitor management systems have become normalised in most commercial settings.

Also known as visitor management, visitor sign-in systems allow you to keep track of everyone on-site. Through the sign-in process, these systems gather and document key information in a database.

This has implications across the board, from everyday operations to security and compliance. When you know the whereabouts of all people on your premises, you can ensure their safety through alerts, inductions, and notifications. Compared to manual entry, a visitor sign-in system is far more efficient, consistent, and accurate.

In a typical visitor management system, automated software is designed to manage guests when they arrive at your reception area.

A variety of technologies can be used to record key information, including on-site QR codes, designated tablets, web portals and dashboards, and mobile apps. Most of these systems allow guests to use their own devices, which makes them affordable and simple to operate. Reception systems give you control over movements within your facility, along with site security and the safety of people in your care.

If you operate a business with any kind of foot traffic, visitor management software can prove extremely useful. Instead of relying on manual checks and personal communication, you can streamline the entire check-in process through smart automation. Also known as a visitor registration system, this type of software provides a wide range of benefits with zero downsides.

Visitor management systems are fast, efficient, and accurate. They record and report visitor data on a consistent basis, and they have the ability to communicate with guests when required.

Reception management software is available on a variety of devices, including branded iPads and web portals. Printable and contactless QR codes are also available, with this option completely app-free for wider accessibility.

When you use a visitor registration system, workplace efficiency is greatly improved. Instead of tracking entry and exit times manually, automated software does all the hard work for you.

If you want to manage specific guest interactions, induction links can be sent via email before guests arrive. If you need more control, you can manage all aspects of guest entry, workplace safety, and disclosure documentation. Visitor management systems are also much safer, with COVID screening helping to ensure guest safety and operational compliance.

If you're trying to choose a visitor management system in Australia, there are lots of things to consider. From the size of your organisation to its accessibility and reporting requirements, every business is unique. Before you make a choice, it's important to review all software features based on your needs and compliance obligations. For example, due to COVID-19, many commercial organisations are obliged to follow certain sign-in criteria.

Accessibility is also important, with QR codes ensuring easy entry for all guests. Unique QR codes can be created for each building and entrance, which makes it easier to trigger evacuations, respond to first-aid incidents, and meet COVID-19 regulations.

Security is another essential feature, with good software designed to protect people, property, and data. In addition, visitor management systems should be capable of generating accurate reports for the sake of compliance.

When choosing, it's essential to find the right balance between complexity and ease of use. While you want options and features, the user interface should be well-designed and easy to navigate.

Differentiation is also important, with software systems able to segment people into groups and tailor the user experience. While some visitor management systems treat all people alike, others provide dedicated solutions for visitors, contractors, staff, and delivery workers.

If you're looking for a trusted visitor management system in Australia, VisitUs software is tailor-made for the job. We offer a complete reception solution in an attractive and intuitive package.

Whether you welcome five people a day into your business or 500, our software is extremely powerful and easy to use. VisitUs Reception software is designed to manage evacuations, COVID screening, contactless sign-ins, inductions, notifications, and so much more.

If you want to create a safer environment for guests, and a more efficient workplace for staff, our software is up to the task. VisitUs has powerful integration with over 2,000 apps, so you can create custom workflows and say goodbye to time-intensive tasks.

Along with dedicated visitor management solutions, we offer contractor management, staff management, time and attendance, credential verification, and delivery management solutions.

If you want to improve safety and efficiency across your organisation, contact VisitUs today to learn more about our visitor management solutions.

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