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Enable Technology To Connect With Your Visitors, Contractors and Staff

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Visitor Management

Our Visitor Management system is super simple to use for both you and your customers alike. It frees you up to provide a warm and long-lasting experience or welcome, in times that might feel otherwise, while ensuring the safety of all involved.

Ensure visitors are compliant with your safety protocols before granting them access, with the option to alert your team if the requirements are not met you will be confident that everyone on site is educated on their health and safety obligations.

We pride ourselves on having an extremely user-friendly visitor sign in system, that’s one of the best on the market today.

An intuitive solution for streamlining your front desk operations and managing your visitors.

Contractor Management

Let the VisitUs contractor management system keep track of contractor inductions, compliance and attendance. Use your unique online pre-registration portal to allow contractors to complete their site induction before they arrive, therefore greatly speeding up the sign in process.

When a contractor returns, they can simply scan their unique QR code that is sent to them on completion of the induction or enter their mobile number.

Create customised reports from the web dashboard to monitor compliance among your contractors and export signed NDA's or safety documents.

Take the stress out of maintaining contractor safety and compliance requirements.

Staff Management

The VisitUs staff management system has been carefully developed using customer feedback to ensure that it is effortless to sign in and out every day.

We offer multiple options to interact with the system including a dedicated staff mobile app, iPad for the front desk, NFC tags, public API, QR codes and integrations with access control systems. The adaptability of the system ensures that there's a suitable option for everyone.

One of the key benefits to the employee management system is that it can provide a live list of everyone who is on site in the event of an emergency. Fire marshals are instantly sent an online evacuation checklist and an SMS is sent to all staff allowing them to mark themselves as safe.

Manage time and attendance with our innovative staff management solutions.

Delivery Management

Our delivery management software streamlines your current post room processes by alerting recipients with an SMS, push notification and email when a delivery has arrived.

Track each delivery including time, date, consignment number, picture, courier and which access point to the building was used. These can be exported from the system into a custom report so that you can see when and where each delivery took place.

Customise the alert that is sent to recipients to include clear instructions regarding the collection process and request a signature from your staff member on collection. This completes the chain of custody from courier right to the recipient.

A simple and efficient solution for delivery management

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