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Effortlessly track staff time and attendance

Staff & Employee Management Software System

Create detailed attendance reports to better understand your capacity requirements.

On Site Time Management

Keep your employees informed with instant notifications

Pre-register contractors and export detailed reports in a matter of minutes


SMS and email visitor alerts

Each staff member can receive detailed notifications that include a picture and contact information for their visitor.

Dedicated mobile app

The VisitUs mobile app for Android and IOS can receive push notifications for visitor arrivals, deliveries and evacuations.

Integrated with messaging platforms

Send notifications via Slack, Webex Teams for via our public API

Time and Attendance

Export detailed timesheets

Use our built in staff report to export details on each staff member including the total time on site.

Mark late arrivals

Late arrivals can be flagged in the system and included in the reporting output.

SMS sign out reminders

Send an SMS that includes a link for people to sign out, making it easier to ensure accurate reporting.

How can staff interact with visitUs

Each solution allows staff to sign in or out of the system in seconds

iPad Terminal

Our customisable iPad interface allows your business to display it's unique logo along with a slideshow of background images to fully personalise the system.

Staff quickly and easily sign in by entering their unique pin number, mobile number, scan their personal QR code or search for their name.

Location based QR codes

QR codes can be created for each access point of your building so that you can see where staff are entering the building. Simply scan the QR code with your mobile camera and complete the required details to complete the sign in process.

The contactless iPad interface offers staff the option to show their personal QR code to the screen to sign in without having to touch the device.

Mobile App Access

Sign in and out of the VisitUs system using the Android / IOS mobile app.

To verify that the staff member is on site the app can be configured so that it needs to scan a QR code on display in your building. Alternatively, staff can simply press the sign in or sign out button in the app for a faster solution.

Sign In Web Portal

Your unique sign in portal web portal can be accessed from any device with a web browser.

Staff can simply search for their name and click on it to sign in or out. If you have any required questions for staff, these are displayed before the sign in is complete.

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5 Star Ratings

VisitUs Is a must have for every organisation or business!!"

It is user friendly and people's privacy is protected when collecting information for contact tracing. The reports are easy to use and are comprehensive they have taken the guess work out of our statistical data reporting to important stakeholders.

The screening questions are easy to change as needed and the results are readily available online.

Reporting and Evacuations

VisitUs staff management software is the most efficient way to manage your employees in different locations. The VisitUs platform allows your company to monitor the time and attendance of employees in real-time and evaluate peak and low times of your operations.

The staff management software also provides you with live reports on people at different locations. VisitUs produces reports using the web dashboard and exports them directly into a spreadsheet on excel for easy analysis. These reports include attendance records of staff and trend analysis of busyness in the office by day and time. These customised reports can also help inform your business strategy and assist with planning and scheduling.The reporting employee management system further enables you to download signed NDA’s and documents with ease.

In the case of an evacuation, the employee management system instantly sends alerts via SMS to all people at a location and they can utilise the I AM SAFE feature to provide an indication of how they are. Our streamline reporting produces customised reports to inform your business strategy. Employees can also watch safety or informational videos prior to entering the building to ensure they are prepared for an evacuation.

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