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Staff & Employee Management Software System

Staff Management

Employee management is made easier with the option to personalise the software to the type of industry your company is in, whether it be corporate, manufacturing or logistics. For corporate workplaces, the staff management system involves instant notifications, pre-registration, self check-in and easy sign-in.

The employment management of manufacturing provides contractor management, safety and compliance, timesheets and pre-inductions. Finally, VisitUs can assist with logistic industries by helping manage deliveries, simplifying contractor management, recording safety and compliance and producing customised reports. Book a free trial today to see how the best staff and employee management systems in Australia can help you.

Time and Attendance


Monitor time and attendance in real time

Trigger evacuations from the mobile app

Conduct fire drills and evacuation planning

Evaluate peak and low times of your operations

Instantly send alerts via SMS to all people at a location

Export timesheets detailing hours on site

View live reports via the dashboard

Utilise the I AM SAFE feature in an emergency

Sign in and out using the mobile app

How Staff Interact With VisitUs

Each solution allows staff to sign in or out of the system in seconds

iPad Terminal

Our customisable iPad interface allows your business to display it's unique logo along with a slideshow of background images to fully personalise the system.

Staff quickly and easily sign in by entering their unique pin number, mobile number, scan their personal QR code or search for their name.

Location based QR codes

QR codes can be created for each access point of your building so that you can see where staff are entering the building. Simply scan the QR code with your mobile camera and complete the required details to complete the sign in process.

The contactless iPad interface offers staff the option to show their personal QR code to the screen to sign in without having to touch the device.

Mobile App Access

Sign in and out of the VisitUs system using the Android / IOS mobile app.

To verify that the staff member is on site the app can be configured so that it needs to scan a QR code on display in your building. Alternatively, staff can simply press the sign in or sign out button in the app for a faster solution.

Sign In Web Portal

Your unique sign in portal web portal can be accessed from any device with a web browser.

Staff can simply search for their name and click on it to sign in or out. If you have any required questions for staff, these are displayed before the sign in is complete.

VisitUs Testimonials

Hear more about how VisitUs is changing the workplace for our customers.

AwakeningMindsArt logo

Awakening Minds Art

“Very happy with it--GREAT VALUE!”

We love it!

This program was the best we've found in terms of customization within our budget! We love printing the badges with the QR code. Once all of our members register, it will make signing in very fast and easy. VisitUs allowed us to ask many of the sign-in questions we needed to, keeps track of them, and updates the backoffice app in real time as people sign in.

VarsityLakes logo

Varsity Lakes Resource Centre

VisitUs Is a must have for every organisation or business!!"

It is user friendly and people's privacy is protected when collecting information for contact tracing. The reports are easy to use and are comprehensive they have taken the guess work out of our statistical data reporting to important stakeholders.

The screening questions are easy to change as needed and the results are readily available online.

Attr logo


“7 Months in it is going very well”

The ease of using this software and giving us the edge with technology without the hassle of too much information needed. Students are emailed their QR code after signing in the first time and can easily sign in an out during the week they are with us.

They have been fantastic with any issue or problem and contact is really quick for support.

We looked at other programs, but found VisitUs Reception to be the best value for money giving us the information we need to keep a report on who and when people are in the building.





Unlimited Visitors

Unlimited Hosts

Unlimited Terminals

Unlimited Support (24/7)

1 Year Subscription

All Features Included

No Hidden Charges

7 Day Free Trial

Reporting and Evacuations

Slide Evacuation report Graphic for homepage Warden icon VisitUs Visitor Management Evacuation Checklist Safety Sign Emergency Escape icon

VisitUs staff management software is the most efficient way to manage your employees in different locations. The VisitUs platform allows your company to monitor the time and attendance of employees in real-time and evaluate peak and low times of your operations.

The staff management software also provides you with live reports on people at different locations. VisitUs produces reports using the web dashboard and exports them directly into a spreadsheet on excel for easy analysis. These reports include attendance records of staff and trend analysis of busyness in the office by day and time. These customised reports can also help inform your business strategy and assist with planning and scheduling.The reporting employee management system further enables you to download signed NDA’s and documents with ease.

In the case of an evacuation, the employee management system instantly sends alerts via SMS to all people at a location and they can utilise the I AM SAFE feature to provide an indication of how they are. Our streamline reporting produces customised reports to inform your business strategy. Employees can also watch safety or informational videos prior to entering the building to ensure they are prepared for an evacuation.

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