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The best QR code check-in system

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, QR codes became a very common way for people to check in. They are simple to use and don’t require any specialised hardware.

This has made them a popular choice for businesses looking for an easy way to deploy a visitor management system.

In this article, we will discuss QR codes and the benefits of using the VisitUs QR code check-in system.

What is a QR code check-in system?

A QR code check-in system is a way for businesses to manage visitors using QR codes. Visitors scan the QR code to check in and the system will automatically update the list of visitors and notify their host.

This is a much easier and faster way to manage visitors than traditional methods such as sign-in sheets. There is no need to install any special software or hardware and updates can be made instantly.

QR codes are also very familiar to people as they became very common during the COVID pandemic as they were used for contact tracing purposes.

This means that your visitors will be able to use them without any trouble to enter their contact details.

Can you use a QR code to take attendance?

Yes, you can use a QR code to take attendance. Simply print out a QR code and have your visitors scan it to check in. This is a very fast and easy way to take attendance and it can be customised to match your branding.

Is it free to scan a QR code?

Yes, scanning a QR code is free. Most smartphones come with a QR code scanner built in to the phone camera and there are many free QR code scanners available online. This makes it very easy for your visitors to check in.

What QR scanner is best?

There are many QR code scanners available online and they all have different features. If you just need a QR reader for contactless check-in, then the camera on your smartphone is probably the best option.

The top 12 benefits of a QR code sign-in system

There are many benefits to a QR code sign-in system but we have listed the top 12 below.

Cost effective

QR code sign-in systems do not require special hardware as they can be printed onto paper or embedded into exisiting signage. For this reason they can be a very cost effective way to deploy a visitor management system.

Multiple people can sign in at the same time

QR code check-ins support multiple visitors at once so you can easily eliminate those long queues in reception.

The web portal can be customised with your own branding

Add your own logo and colour scheme to the web portal so visitors are assured they have scanned a legitimate QR code.

Updates and changes to the system happen instantly

When new features become available there’s no need to install updates to your system as the web portal will always display the latest version.

No need to install an app to check-in

Make check-in a breeze as visitors simply use their smartphone camera to scan the QR code and enter their details.

Use contact details on return visits

Data collected on sign-in can be used to speed up return visits. A returning visitor can enter their mobile number to sign-in without having to re-enter their details.

Take a photo of the person signing in

Increase security onsite by ensuring that all visitors take a photo during the sign-in process. Photo’s are stored online and can be accessed from the web dashboard.

Data is stored in accordance of your local privacy act

VisitUs offers local hosting in Australia, US and Europe with settings available to automatically delete data after a specified period.

Run reports for contact tracing purposes

If you need to know who was onsite at your premises at a particular time or date, or you need to view some data analytics, then the web dashboard can easily export a report in seconds. Reports can be viewed online or downloaded in CSV format.

No limit to the amount of QR codes that you display in reception

Each location is assigned a unique QR code that can displayed at every entrance to your building. You could also have a unique QR code for each of your locations.

VisitUs offers the ability to assign a QR code to each access point in your building so that notifications and reports include the entry point of the visitor.

Visitors are very familiar with QR codes

Some countries like Australia introduced COVID safe check-in apps throughout the pandemic. These became so widely used during the early days of COVID 19 that QR codes now has mass adoption rates..

Create emergency evacuation checklists

If you collect contact information during the check-in process, then this can be used to notify visitors and employees of an emergency. If a staff member is listed as a fire marshal then they will automatically receive a link to an online checklist to mark each person as safe.



A QR code check-in system is a simple and efficient way to manage visitors.

It allows multiple people to sign in at the same time, has customisable branding, and updates and changes to the system happen instantly.

There is no need to install an app or special hardware, making it very easy for your visitors to check in.

If you’re looking for a secure and simple cost effective check-in system then contact VisitUs Reception today!

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