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Why your business needs an automated evacuation system

The importance of having an up to date evacuation system system in the workplace cannot be understated.

An automated evacuation system is an efficient and effective way to evacuate a building in the event of an emergency situation.

Automated systems can be triggered by a mobile app or an API, alerting all occupants of the need to evacuate in an instance.

This ensures a rapid response time, minimizes false alarms and helps to keep visitors, employees and the business as safe and secure as possible.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss the process of installing an automated evacuation system and the advantages it provides.

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What is an evacuation system?

The process of installing an evacuation system

The advantages of having an automated evacuation system


What is an evacuation system?

An automated evacuation system is designed to quickly and safely evacuate visitors and staff from the building in the event of a fire or other emergency.

By automating the creation and distribution of an evacuation checklist, the system can save valuable time in emergency situations.

Marshals are also supplied with an online checklist of everyone who was in the building.

The process of installing an automated evacuation system

Unlike a typical voice evacuation systems, using a system that is powered by visitor management software makes the process of installation much easier.

Download and install the VisitUs Reception app on to an iPad and place it in your reception area or entry to your facility.

When a visitor, contractor or employee arrives they simply enter their details into the iPad to sign-in.

The digital log is then used in the event of an emergency to create the online checklist.

To create a professional look to the system we would recommend a dedicated enclosure for the iPad.

The advantages of having an automated evacuation system

There are several benefits having a visitor management system installed with a built in evacuation feature.

Keep employees informed

Not everyone remembers to sign out of the office when they grab some lunch or a coffee.

An automated system can send a push notification to all employees to let them know that there is an evacuation is progress.

This let’s employees know not to return to the office and wait for the notification that the building is safe.

It’s also great for businesses with multiple locations as they will know that their colleagues are currently out of the office and to wait for their return.

Benefits for employers

It saves money as the total cost of installing VisitUs Reception is far more cost effective than a voice evacuation system.

It’s easy to operate as triggering an evacuation can be done directly from a mobile app or web dashboard.

VisitUs Reception can connect directly to a fire alarm system via an API. Once the early signs of a fire have been detected it will automatically evacuate your site.

Checklists also include all visitors, customers and employee contact details.


Keeping your visitors and employees safe should be a top priority for all businesses.

Installing a visitor management system with a built in evacuation system can help you automate the distribution of checklists.

It offers piece of mind for dangerous workplaces and keep employees informed of the current emergency situation.

If you want to learn more about the VisitUs visitor management system, contact us today!

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