Visitor Signing-in System: Sheet vs Digital

A visitor signing-in system is essential for any business. It helps you keep track of who has entered the premises and left, lets you know who to expect, and keeps a clear record of deliveries. However, it is also very easy for the system to get confused, lost, or muddled.

Many companies still use a paper sheet for their sign-in system, and while this works, it can become disorganized and is easily lost.

This is why digital visitor management has become so prevalent – and many argue that it’s a superior and more organized version.

In this guide, we take you through everything you need to know about sign-in sheets and digital sign-in systems – showing you the pros and cons of each so that you can determine the right fit for your company.

Key Takeaways:

– Visitor Sign-in Systems should be selected based on the size of the organization and its visitor policy.

– A digital visitor management system is more efficient than sheet-based systems due to their automation capabilities.

– Digital solutions offer additional features such as employee monitoring, contact tracing, and providing visitors with instructions or waivers before their arrival.

– Both sheet and digital options provide organizations with data that can be used for compliance purposes.

What is a Sign in Sheet?

A sign-in sheet is a document used to RECORD the arrival and departure of visitors. It usually includes fields such as name, date and time of arrival/departure, contact INFORMATION, and purpose of visit.

Pro Tip: A paper visitor sign-in system is a good way to track visitor registration, but it faces a lot of restrictions – especially compared to a site rounds validation system (digital).

Sign-in sheets are EXTREMELY important for businesses as it allows them to keep track of who has been on their premises and WHEN.

What is a Digital Visitor Signing-in System?

A digital visitor management solution is an ELECTRONIC version of a traditional paper sign-in sheet. It allows businesses to track visitors and activities more EFFICIENTLY, with enhanced security features that PROTECT the data from unauthorized access or manipulation.

With a digital visitor management system, visitors ENTER their information into a computerized form which is then STORED on the business’s secure server.

Pro Tip: Visitor management software doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can be exceptionally simple to set up a self service kiosk.

This makes it easier for businesses to monitor visitors, as well as any deliveries they may have received while there.

Furthermore, a cloud based solution can offer additional features, such as facial recognition technology and automated notifications when someone enters or leaves the property.

Digital visitor management systems are BECOMING increasingly popular due to their improved efficiency COMPARED to traditional paper sheets.

Sheet vs Digital System: What’s the Difference?

There are several key DIFFERENCES between a standard sign-in sheet and a digital sign-in system. Below, you will gain a detailed insight into what SEPARATES these two forms of visitor management.


When it comes to cost, the DIFFERENCE between a sign-in sheet and a digital sign-in system is substantial. Traditional paper sheets are MUCH cheaper upfront.

However, they have limited long-term value as they often become disorganized and can be easily lost. On the other hand, digital systems require an initial investment but offer greater returns in the long term.

Intuitive check in kiosks can create a lasting positive impression for visitors and contractors sign-in in.

Pro Tip: Having a contactless sign-in system ensures regulatory compliance, visitors’ health, and provides fast visitor management.

Productivity Levels

In terms of productivity, digital systems are far SUPERIOR to sign-in sheets. Digital systems allow businesses to store visitors’ data SECURELY and quickly access it whenever necessary.

Moreover, they can also be used to AUTOMATE some processes saving BOTH time and money in the long run.

Security and Efficiency

Sign-in sheets can create a security and compliance risk as information is difficult to extract for reporting purposes. Digital systems, on the other hand, are much MORE secure and efficient, as they keep a SAFE record of all visitor data.

Pro Tip: Many digital systems provide printed visitor badges when visitors sign in. Additionally, they can also print and display essential visitor information.

In addition to being safer, digital sign-in systems also provide ENHANCED efficiency by automating certain processes, such as automated notifications, visitor tracking and sign-in using facial recognition technology .

Follow-Ups After Visiting

Finally, digital systems provide an EASIER way of staying in touch with visitors after they leave. With a sign-in sheet, businesses would have to contact EACH visitor manually – but with a digital system, AUTOMATED notifications can be sent when someone enters or leaves the property.

This allows businesses to keep TRACK of their visitors and also provides them with an easy way to STAY in contact with them after their visit.

Company Size

When deciding BETWEEN a sign-in sheet and a digital system, it is important to consider the size of your company as well as its PARTICULAR needs.

For smaller businesses that don’t need all the bells and whistles offered by digital systems like the ability to pre-register visitors, a traditional paper sign-in sheet may be the MOST cost-effective option.

However, a digital sign-in system may be the best choice if your business is looking for ENHANCED security and productivity levels.

Which is Better, Sheet or Digital?

Ultimately, it depends on the particular NEEDS of your business. Sign-in sheets are cheaper upfront, but a digital visitor management solution can offer GREATER long-term value as they provide enhanced security and efficiency.

Digital systems also provide ADDITIONAL features, such as facial recognition technology and automated notifications, that can be invaluable for businesses looking to TRACK visitors and stay in contact with them AFTER their visit.

Pro Tip: Smart visitor management leads to a more efficient queue management system and provides a secure online portal to keep everyone safe.

You will also find that DIGITAL systems are able to offer employee monitoring, contact tracing, and instructions and waivers for any visitors that are ARRIVING. However, both systems are excellent for use with COMPLIANCE purposes.

Furthermore, digital systems are more SECURE and efficient than sign-in sheets, making them the ideal choice for businesses of any size that want to MAXIMIZE their visitor management.

So, if you’re looking for an EFFICIENT and secure way to manage visitors at your business, a digital sign-in system MAY be the way to go.

To Conclude

It is clear that digital sign-in systems have a GREAT many advantages over traditional paper sheets. Not only are they MORE secure and efficient, but they also provide additional features such as facial recognition technology and AUTOMATED notifications.

These can be INVALUABLE for businesses looking to track visitors and stay in contact with them after their visit.

Moreover, these systems offer greater long-term VALUE than sign-in sheets due to the enhanced SECURITY, productivity levels, and cost savings that come with them.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an EFFECTIVE way to manage visitor management at your business or organization, investing in a digital sign-in system like VisitUs Repcetion may be the RIGHT choice.

Written by: Alister Wood – 9th March 2023