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The best and most intuitive sign in system

Front desk visitor management software

Welcome your visitors and employees with an easy to use system that saves time whilst keeping them safe.

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Create a safer working environment

Use the power of VisitUs to ensure that your workplace is both safe and secure

Trigger evacuations direct from your mobile

Fire marshals can enable and disable the evacuation process directly from the VisitUs mobile app

Visitors can respond whether they are safe

If they have left the building without signing out or in need of assistance, visitors can let you know if they're safe.

First aiders are instantly alerted of anyone in danger

If someone reports that they are in need of assistance then your first aiders are automatically notified via SMS.

Checklists are accessible online during the evacuation

Each fire marshal can update the checklist independently, reducing the time it takes to account for everyone.


COVID screening

Send alerts for failed results

Instantly notify your security team if someone has failed the induction questionnaire so that you can act effectively to reduce risk.

Multiple choice questions

Add custom questions to your screening process to ensure each sign in meets your sites safety requirements.

Request temperature results

Results are recorded as part of the visitors sign in and accessible via the web dashboard.

Ideal for contact tracing

Quickly and easily create a contact tracing report of everyone who was on site the day of a suspected case.

Contactless sign-in

QR code for each building entrance

Create a unique QR code for each of your site entrances so that notifications to hosts include where their visitor has arrived.

Save time with simultaneous sign ins

No more queues in reception as visitors can scan the QR code and use their own device to quickly and easily sign-in.

Print badges from the iPad

Our carefully designed contactless mode scans a visitors QR code and then automatically prints out their badge.

VisitUs Contactless mode
integrations diagram

Powerful integrations

Connect VisitUs with over 2,000 apps. Create custom workflows that eliminate time intensive tasks so that you can get back to the important things.

With a growing list of integrations constantly being added to the platform, VisitUs can enhance your current workplace processes with a combination of API access, webhooks and preconfigured options.

Speed up your inductions

Reduce the wait times in reception by pre-registering visitors before they arrive.

Induction links are sent via email

Visitors can complete their details via your unique web portal in their own time.

Play a safety video

Display a video that briefs the visitor on your sites safety requirements.

Sign NDA's and safety documents

Capture your visitors signature and also embed the date and time into the document.

Send a QR code

Once your visitor completes the induction process, they receive a QR code which can be used to sign in on arrival.

Send instant notifications

Alert your employees when their visitor has arrived.

Email notifications

Each host notification includes the details of their visitor and a link to sign them out.

SMS sign out

Visitors can be sent an SMS reminding them to sign out. They simply click the link in the message to sign out remotely.

Mobile app for hosts

Each host in the VisitUs system and receive notifications via the mobile app.

Send to multiple recipients

Notifications can be sent to multiple people in your team just in case the host is not on site.

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