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Front Desk Visitor Management Software Solution

Visitor Management

When you consider the amount of movement that goes on in the front desk area in current times, between staff visitors and contractors, it goes without saying, managing and monitoring traffic coming and going through your business, can become an extremely difficult task. Long gone are the days of using paper log books to monitor movement, they simply wont cut it anymore.

The solution? Front desk visitor management software from VisitUs, the most effective and simple to use visitor management solution on the market. Our software not only efficiently takes care of the sign in process, but leaves a long lasting impression on your customers from the get go

COVID Screening



Instantly notify host via SMS, Email, Slack and Webex Teams

Pre-register via calendar invite, mobile app or web dashboard

Send evacuation notifications to visitors and staff

Sign out visitors via the email notification or mobile app

Build and design customised reports

Prioritise safety with our I AM SAFE feature

Access and manage evacuation checklists

Alert hosts when there is a security risk on site

View detailed evacuation reports

Analyse and evaluate peak visitor movement times

Sign NDA agreements prior to arrival

Display your privacy policy during sign in

Create multiple choice induction questionnaires

Display a video with compliance information

Create reports based on valid inductions

Interacting with VisitUs

VisitUs offers multiple options to interact with the system. Whether you would like a simple QR code solution or a customisable tablet interface, VisitUs has you covered.

Customisable iPad

The clean and fresh interface can be completely customised with your own branding including the logo, background images and button colour.

Configure which options display in the main menu so you have complete control on how the system is implemented.

Returning visitors, contractors or staff can enter their mobile number or scan their personal QR code to sign in without the need to fill in their details again.

Contactless QR code

VisitUs offers two contactless solutions to assist in safely reopening offices and businesses.

Printable QR codes can be downloaded from the dashboard and displayed at multiple entrances. Simply scan them with your mobile camera to complete your sign in.

Our tablet interface offers returning visitors the option to scan the QR code on the screen or simply hold up their personal QR code from a previous visit. Fast, safe and effortless contactless visitor management.

Mobile - (Android & IOS)

Our host mobile app gives you the power of VisitUs in the palm of your hand.

Pre-register visitors so that they can fill in their details and receive a personal QR code prior to their arrival. The mobile app can also receive push notifications when your visitor arrives or if a parcel has been left in reception.

Registered fire marshals can enable an evacuation which generates an online checklist and automatically notifies everyone who is signed in of the emergency.

Unique Web Portal

The web portal is a powerful part of the system that can be accessed from a web browser on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Pre-registered visitors or contractors can receive a unique link to the portal to complete their induction. Once the induction is complete, they receive a QR code which they present to the tablet on arrival and the system then notifies the host they are waiting for them in reception.

Alternatively, the portal can be used to sign in or out of your site. You can display the portal on a desk mounted terminal or simply print off your QR code to direct visitors and contractors to the sign in portal.

VisitUs Testimonials

Hear more about how VisitUs is changing the workplace for our customers.

NSW Government Department of Primary Industries logo

Department of Primary Industries

“Great system! Easy to Setup & Use”

Our overall experience with VisitUs Reception has been great! the staff located in Sydney were very responsive and took time out to understand our business needs.

They walked us through setting up the system and were always available to answer any of our queries. They are a great team to deal with!

Our aim was to remove the dependency of a staff member sitting in Reception, which VisitUs Reception has surely done. Our part-time receptionist is now free to move around the office and is assisting various business units with administration work and the likes.

Microbiology Experts in Laboratory Insturment and Media Solution

Microbiology International

“Great Product”

The software is great, the customer service and response time is amazing. We love that we can get assistance super quick to resolve any problems.

We really enjoyed that this software met all of our requirements and was in our budget. We love that we can print badges for guests, and use it as a sign-in system for our employees.

SetSq logo

Setsquare Creative

“Fantastic software”

We now have a deskless reception, freeing up the space for us to set up a meeting pod; guests buzz in, sign in & can make a coffee or sit in the pod until their meeting starts.

We love this software, the best feature is that it emails the person being visited so that they can come down to meet their guest as soon as they sign in, so the guest is not kept waiting for someone to find who they have come to see. it is so easy to use & set up too.





Unlimited Visitors

Unlimited Hosts

Unlimited Terminals

Unlimited Support (24/7)

1 Year Subscription

All Features Included

No Hidden Charges

7 Day Free Trial

Powerful Integrations

integrations diagram

Connect VisitUs with over 2,000 apps. Create custom workflows that eliminate time intensive tasks so that you can get back to the important things.

With a growing list of integrations constantly being added to the platform, VisitUs can enhance your current workplace processes with a combination of API access, webhooks and preconfigured options.

Our public API allows you to create your own custom dashboards or maybe even add a button into your intranet site so that staff can easily sign in and out of the system.

The possibilities are endless with our built in webhooks. When an evacuation is enabled or if a person signs in or out, you can trigger one of your internal systems to react and complete tasks outside of VisitUs.

Send instant message notifications via Slack or WebEx Teams that alert your staff of an incoming visitor or delivery. If you use an alternative messaging platform then Zapier has you covered by forwarding VisitUs notifications directly to your stream of choice.

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