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Visitor Management

An intuitive solution to streamline your reception and manage your visitors.


Communications and Notifications

Instantly notify host via SMS, Email, Slack and Webex Teams

Preregister via calendar invite, mobile app or web dashboard

Evacuation notifications are sent immediately to visitors and staff

Sign out visitors via the email notification or mobile app

Health and Safety

Prioritise safety with our I AM SAFE feature

Access and manage evacuation checklists

Alert hosts when there is a security risk on site

View detailed evacuation reports



Compliance and Privacy

Sign NDA agreements prior to arrival

Display your privacy policy during sign in

Create multiple choice induction questionnaires

Display a video with compliance information

Reports and Analytics

Streamline reporting and analytic functions within your business.

Customised Reports

Build and design reports that are customised to the particular and changing needs of your business.

Staff and Time Sheeting

Create reports to analyse staff time and attendance trends to support time sheeting and management of staff hours.

Business Peak Times

Analyse and evaluate peak staff movement times to assist with planning and scheduling.

Business Strategy

Produce customised and relevant reports with visitor data to inform your business strategy.

Explore your Industry

VisitUs Reception can be customised to suit any industry.


Send and receive instant notifications

Pre-register visitors

Cater for self-check-in

Easy sign-in process


Streamline contractor management

Monitor safety and compliance

Manage timesheets

Conduct pre-inductions


Manage deliveries

Simplify contractor management

Record safety and compliance

Customised reporting

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