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Keep Track of Your Out-Of-Office Contractors with VisitUs

Shishir Mehrotra, CEO of the SaaS for docs, Coda, has always been supportive of remote work.
In his view, the ‘office’ of today is more of a service that a company provides rather than a requirement for employment.

He’s not alone. Washingtonian Media CEO Cathy Merrill wrote an op-ed discussing how workers who want to continue working remotely after the global pandemic are practically begging bosses to change their status to contractor, voluntarily forgoing benefits and pay.

Even though a greater number of managers, team leads, and executives are warming to the idea of remote work and hiring out-of-office contractors, the age-old conundrum of how to ensure productivity and manage people who aren’t physically present, still exists.

So, how do you bridge the gap between management and micromanagement? The answer is to use a visitor management system that screens visitors and goes beyond simple tracking.

Why Use a Visitor Management System?

When it comes to tracking productivity, ensuring attendance, and generally mimicking the in-office experience with remote or out-of-office contractors, there are two parties with skin in the game:

Workers and managers.

Most of us already know the worries and qualms of managers dealing with out-of-office contractors:

  • They worry about staying organised and whether their workers are getting things done.
  • They want to make sure others on the team know they can reach out-of-office contractors and expect to receive an answer.
  • They need to be able to communicate with remote workers and tangibly provide feedback about performance and growth.

But for contractors, being able to track productivity, communicate with bosses, and understand the scope of duties and the project is even more important. Without these, contractors face trouble when trying to grow their relationship with the company or advocate for more work or raises in rates.

A recent study of 405 out-of-office workers proves this. The study found that the salaries of remote workers grow at a far slower rate than those of in-office employees.

In other words, contractors may enjoy flexibility in terms of employers — but they also risk remaining at the same pay rate. Without data that tracks their productivity or performance, there’s no structure in place for remote workers to highlight how diligently they’re working.

Management professor Kimberly Elsbach seconds the study’s findings, adding that ‘[managers] assume that those who put in a lot of office time are go-getters, even if they’re not.’ But when companies and businesses harness the power of visitor management software, they eliminate anxieties on both sides of the working relationship.

The need for visitor management software is greater than ever after the pandemic. Right now, an increasing number of individuals are either turning to contractor work after quitting their current positions or expressing the desire to work remotely with their current employers.

Smart software with features like monitoring of contractor sign-ins and outs, onboarding or induction videos, and reports on attendance and scheduling can help alleviate the pressure for:

  • Managers to constantly track contractors
  • Contractors to worry about signals they’re communicating to their bosses when it comes time for promotions and growth, as well as having enough information and training to perform a job well

The best part is that companies can attract top talent and retain them without turnover when they implement a cohesive visitor management software. Contractors are far more likely to remain with businesses and companies that make their working experience well-defined, safe, and clear in terms of the knowledge and training they’ll need to complete a job.

How to Use VisitUs to Monitor Contractors

There’s one more reason why visitor management software is so important for businesses and companies today. You need a way to ensure compliance and safety protocols are followed, especially in light of COVID.

Individuals who work as day labourers or contractors on construction sites especially need ways to mark their safety, follow training videos, understand the requirements of specific sites, and complete pre-screening for a job.

VisitUs is a remarkable software solution that combines the power of visitor management with the insight of data collected to refine business strategy and worker performance, ensure compliance, and track out-of-office workers.

With VisitUs, managers and bosses can rely on a seamless end-to-end solution that handles every aspect of managing people, including visitors, in-office employees, and out-of-office staff. For example, out-of-office contractors can use the powerful pre-registration portal to ensure that they’ve already completed training when they arrive at or work with your company. They’ll receive a personal QR code, which they simply need to present to a manager for access.


The relationship between a business and its employees is a two-way street. It requires trust and communication from both parties, as well as a pathway for transparency.

VisitUs is that pathway, paving the way for better compliance protocols and contractor tracking. For contractors, companies that use the VisitUs visitor management system effortlessly communicate that their training, knowledge, and safety matters, allowing them to fully understand the parameters of the site and the job before they can do their best work. If you’re ready to spark your out-of-office contractors’ productivity and maintain their safety, contact VisitUs today.