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Microsoft visitor management system
powered by VisitUs

VisitUs Reception is a Microsoft visitor management system that perfectly integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to connect your hybrid workplace.

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What are Microsoft visitor management systems?

A Microsoft visitor management system is a software that enables a business or government organizations to manage visitors by tracking their arrival and departure times, as well as record their contact information.


Additionally, a Microsoft visitor management system can help businesses keep track of who is visiting their office and why.


For added security, visitor details are securely stored on regional Microsoft Azure servers that are certified to ISO27001 standards.


It can also be used to issue badges and print out guest passes at the front desk and impress visitors with a simple to use interface.


The visitor management process is improved with instant host notification can be sent to employees via MS Teams after the visitor check-in process.


The host notification includes the visitor details and a link to sign them out.

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Send instant notifications to Microsoft Teams

By integrating MS Teams into the VisitUs visitor management system, it means that you won’t leave an important guest waiting as their host is sent an instant notification.


VisitUs features real time reception notifications that are sent via SMS, email, Microsoft Teams mobile and desktop app and push notification to the VisitUs mobile app.


It’s easy to set-up as any employee with the appropriate access can create a notification channel. Once that’s completed simple save your new web-hook in the VisitUs admin dashboard to start receiving instant notifications.


Notifications include:

Visitor sign-in
Evacuation alerts
Visitor sign-out

Notifications sent to hosts in Microsoft Teams include an interactive button to sign out their visitor in case they forget at the end of their visit.


This is an important step in ensuring that your digital logbook is accurate in the event of an emergency.

Pre-register guests for a better visitor experience

VisitUs features a built in pre-registration process that offers visitors and contractors the ability to enter their details prior to arrival.


There’s no need to install a dedicated visitor management app on your device to pre-register a guest as it can completed via an online portal or directly from Microsoft Outlook.


Visitors can be pre-registered in the system using any of the below options:

Outlook calendar invite
VisitUs mobile app
Pre-registration portal
Admin dashboard

Once the important guest has completed the pre-registration process, they are assigned a unique QR code that can be re-used to sign-in each time they visit at reception.


The welcome email sent to pre-registered visitors also includes directions to your site and a link to save the upcoming visit into their Outlook email client.


If for any reason they are unable to attend they can cancel the appointment directly from the email notification so that your facilities manager or host is aware of their non-attendance.

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