Set-up Microsoft Teams notifications

VisitUs offers the ability to send host notifications via Microsoft Teams. To set-up this feature, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Open your Microsoft Teams application on your PC / Mac and then click on the Teams option on the left-hand side.

Find your team in the list and then click on the 3 dots to bring up the options menu and click on Add channel

Give you channel a name and decide whether to display this channel in everyones channel list. Finally click on the Add button.

Next, find your new channel in the teams list and click on the 3 dots to the right. Then click on Connectors.

We want to set-up an incoming Webhook so on the right-hand side click on Configure.

Give your webhook a name like “Your company reception” and then upload a logo.

Click on Create and Teams will then generate a unique webhook for your channel.

Copy your Webhook URL using the copy button.

Next, login to your VisitUs dashboard and head to Configure System -> API & Integrations -> Microsoft Teams. Then paste your Webhook URL into the dashboard.

You can now customise which sign in types trigger a Teams notification, so head over to Configure System -> Sign in types.

Select the sign in type that you would like to trigger the notification and then under the Notifications section you should now see the option for Microsoft Teams notifications

Now that everything is all set-up, make sure to save you changes in the dashboard by clicking on the Update changes button