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How do I reset my password? 

Navigate your web browser to your dashboard URL: AU Hosted: US Hosted: EU Hosted: Then click on the option "Don't remember your password?". This option will send a password reset link to your email address so that you can select a new password.

Upload a background image and logo

Click on “Configure iPad” then “Styling”. To upload a background image, click on the Background header and then click on Choose File. Next, locate the image on your computer to upload. Click the “Upload” button. Once the image has uploaded, the iPad will automatically update with your new image. To upload a logo into the system, follow the

Auto sign out visitors

To setup the system to automatically sign out visitors, contractors or staff, first click on the “Configure system” section of the dashboard and then "Sign in types". Next, find the sign in type that you would like to auto sign out and then on the right hand side of the screen look for