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Adding hosts

There are 3 ways to add a host into the VisitUs Reception system. To start uploading hosts, first click on “Hosts / Staff” in the navigation bar down the left of the dashboard. Then follow the preferred guide below: Manual form To add a host manually, click on the “Add Host” header in the top right of

Enable / Disable Host emails

Click on “Configure System” in the navigation bar down the left of the dashboard and then “Email Settings”. Under the header “Host / Staff email notifications” you have the option to enable or disable the notification email being sent to the host. Once you have finished changing this option make sure to press the “Update Changes” button in the

Not receiving SMS

If you are not receiving SMS from the system there are a couple of things to check Click on Configure System” in the navigation bar down the left of the dashboard, and then "SMS Settings". Under the header “Turn on SMS notifications” check that SMS notificationsare enabled. (Checkbox). Next is to check that your SMS balance has

Setup Security notifications

Click on “Configure System” in the navigation bar down the left of the dashboard and then “VIP / Security Alerts”. Enter the mobile numbers of the security team that you would like to receive notifications separated by a comma. Once you have filled in the security numbers make sure to click on “Update Changes”. To mark a

Enable Sign in / out using a QR code

Click on “Configure System” then “General Settings”. Next click on the Sign in / Sign out options header. Then check the setting “Display the QR code button” Click “Update changes” to save your new settings. This will update your iPad enabling visitors to sign in and out using a QR code. Read more about the VisitUs QR code check in system here.

Enable SMS Sign out reminders

To setup the system to send SMS sign out reminders, first click on the “Configure System” section of the dashboard and then "General Settings". Next click on the header labelled “Overall settings”. You will be presented with a list of different settings to change and there should be one titled “Send an SMS reminder to visitors