Australia's best time and attendance systems integrate with VisitUs

The VisitUs visitor management system can be integrated with one of our supported time and attendance software solutions to offer many benefits including the ability to track employee time, employee attendance, register remote workers and also save time and money.

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Flexible Staff Management

What is a time and attendance system?

A time and attendance system is a software that allows businesses to track employee time, employee attendance, and also register remote employees.


It can also work as part of an all in one software that combines employee data from an access control system and visitor management system to easily track time and track hours worked.


There are many other benefits of using a time and attendance system including the ability to:

Register remote workers

Track employee time

Track attendance

Save money

What are the benefits of time tracking software?

There are many benefits of time tracking software for both employers and employees.

Employer Benefits

Less manual data entry

Better budgeting of labor costs

Enhanced compliance with local laws

Less likely to suffer time theft

Reduced payroll errors

Track employee hours

Employee Benefits

More accurate timesheets

Less time consuming manual entries

Built in leave management

Improve employee morale

Record times against specific projects

No more paper timesheets

Why RotaOne and VisitUs is your best option for time and attendance software

RotaOne is a cloud-based, powerful, and scalable time and attendance and shift management tool that is revolutionising the industry.


It is the ideal solution for a many businesses of all sizes.


Whether you’re searching for simple time and attendance software or to add more sophisticated rules regarding shift planning, payroll monitoring, or absence, RotaOne is the perfect attendance management software.


Rota One is a cloud-based solution, so it’s user friendly and accessible from anywhere and plans start at just $5 per month.

Configured to your business requirements

The RotaOne implementation team set-up the system to match your requirements, including powerful award interpretation to ensure everything runs smoothly from day one.

Access control integrations

Gain full visibility of how many employees are on site and how many hours they have worked by linking RotaOne to your access control system.

Automate payroll seamlessly

RotaOne integrates with most payroll providers to automate the process of exporting employee time and attendance data. This ensures that your employees are paid correctly and on time, every time and removes the risk of human error.

Facial recognition clock-in

Clock in and out using the latest time and attendance technology with the VisitUs facial recognition iPad terminals.

Easily manage multiple rotas

Managers can view single and multiple rotas, making it easy to plan and manage shift patterns and budgets across multiple locations.

Absence Management

RotaOne may be used to record and regulate all types of absences. Holiday, sickness, and any other type of absence may all be readily tracked, audited, and reported on.

An easier way to record workers start and end times

The VisitUs system makes it easy for workers to clock in and out which seamlessly synchronise with the RotaOne system.

See how RotaOne works with VisitUs
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Workers sign in using the VisitUs system through the iPad, web portal, mobile app or API.

Number 2 icon

The workers sign in time is automatically synchronised to the RotaOne system and a clock in event is recorded.

Number 3 in a blue circle

Now you can view a live dashboard of everyone who is signed in on site and create accurate reports for evacuations.

Dedicated implementation specialists

During the set-up process the team at RotaOne will assist in creating your unique business rules

Accessible anytime, anywhere

With no software install required, you can access RotaOne from any internet enabled device

Absence management

Manage and generate reports on all absences including holiday requests and sick days

Integrate with your payroll system

Save time by removing the manual processes involved with managing payroll

What is payroll software?

Payroll software is a type of time and attendance software that is used primarily to manage employee attendance, and pay.


This type of software can also be used to track specifics like labour costs, clock-in and clock-out times, vacation time, job costing, sick time, and more.

What are the benefits of a payroll system?

Reduced time spent on payroll processing

Collect accurate data of the actual hours that employees worked

Ability to generate reports on employee time and attendance

Generates great employee accountability

Different time clock options for employees to clock in

Can VisitUs integrate with my exisiting payroll system?

VisitUs currently integrates payroll software KeyPay which powers multiple payroll systems including Employment Hero, QuickBooks, PBT Payroll, Employment Innovations and Aptus Payroll solution.


Payroll integration can also be achieved with our partner Thinking-Software who can directly integrate with Sage, PeopleHR, Pegasus Opera 3 to easily manage time clock data.


If your system isn’t listed then check our integrations page as we may still have the solution for you.

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