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Save time and reduce costs

Cloud based time and attendance

Combine VisitUs with RotaOne to seamlessly manage time and attendance.

Flexible Staff Management
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Quickly and easily manage multiple rotas using RotaOne’s simple and intuitive interface.

During the set-up process an implementation specialist will configure the system to match your businesses unique requirements.

Integrate RotaOne with your existing payroll system to increase accuracy and remove the possibility of human error.

Adding the power of RotaOne to your VisitUs system allows you to dramatically reduce the amount of time and money spent on managing staff and contractors.

An easier way to record workers start and end times

The VisitUs system makes it easy for workers to clock in and out which seamlessly synchronise with the RotaOne system.

See how RotaOne works with VisitUs
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Workers sign in using the VisitUs system through the iPad, web portal, mobile app or API.

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The workers sign in time is automatically synchronised to the RotaOne system and a clock in event is recorded.

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Now you can view a live dashboard of everyone who is signed in on site and create accurate reports for evacuations.

Uniquely tailored to your business

Dedicated implementation specialists

During the set-up process the team at RotaOne will assist in creating your unique business rules

Accessible anytime, anywhere

With no software install required, you can access RotaOne from any internet enabled device

Absence management

Manage and generate reports on all absences including holiday requests and sick days

Integrate with your payroll system

Save time by removing the manual processes involved with managing payroll

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