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Upload a background image and logo

Click on “Configure iPad” then “Styling”. To upload a background image, click on the Background header and then click on Choose File. Next, locate the image on your computer to upload. Click the “Upload” button. Once the image has uploaded, the iPad will automatically update with your new image. To upload a logo into the system, follow the

What does the VisitUs mobile app do?

Our mobile app gives hosts/staff more control to manage their visitors more effectively. To use the mobile app you first need to add yourself as a host by visiting the “Host/Staff” section of the dashboard. Once you have been added as a host, you will now be able to login to the mobile app

Add a new location/site

Click on the name of your current location in the top left of the screen just under the logo. Then click on “Edit Locations”. Enter a name and time zone of the new location. You also have the option of which location you would like to clone the settings from. Finally click on “Add