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Create a safer workplace by combining credential verification software with your VisitUs visitor management system.


VisitUs features digital credential management software to instantly verify digital certificates and sign in visitors, employees and contractors seamlessly.

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What is credentialing software?

Credentialing software is a digital verification system that allows organisations to confirm the identity of an individual by verifying their identity, employee certifications and their right to work.


Credentialing systems provide excellent workforce management solutions and are used in a variety of industries, from government agencies, healthcare providers, aged care facilities, manufacturing plants to medical facilities.

A typical manual credentialing and enrolment process

The individual submits their information and supporting documents to the organisation via email or physical copies.

The administration team manually verifies the individual's identity and checks their right to work in the country and organisation.

The organisation informs the individual that they are approved to work on site and records the expiry dates of their credentials.

The administration team has to manually reach out to employees or workers when their credentials need to be verified again.

To be able to measure the compliance levels of individuals a manual check on existing records need to be exported and analysed.

An automated credentialing process

The individual is sent an email inviting them to upload credential documents to the credentialing software.

Only the credential documents that are required for their role are requested to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible.

Once the individual has completed uploading their documents to the system, it will start verifying them. Verifiable digital certificates are checked automatically and a result can be provided almost instantly.

When the license verification is completed the individual receives a notification and their expiry dates are recorded in the system.

When any of the credentials are close to expiring the credential verification software will automatically send out a reminder to the individual and alert an administrator that they need to update their details to remain compliant.

What are the main benefits of credentialing software?

There are many benefits of using credentialing software, including:

No more paperwork

Reduced paperwork management and costs associated with manual verification processes.

Higher security

Increased security by instantly confirming an individual's identity and right to work.

Streamlined sign-in

Improved efficiency and productivity by streamlining the sign in process.

Eliminate errors

Reduced risk of human error associated with manual verification processes.

Monitor site access

Track and manage employee access to sensitive areas.

Enhanced analytics

View status reports, engagement metrics and data analytics instantly by accessing a web dashboard.

Document management

Online document management to store certifications.

Reduce risk

Reduce regulatory compliance risk with automated expiration management alerts.

Why Credenxia are the the leading credentialing management solution

Credenxia is the leading provider of digital credentialing software, powering some of the world’s largest organisations. They offer the best credentialing software that is used by over 1,000 organisations in over 50 countries.


Credenxia’s credentialing software provides instant verification of an individual’s identity, employee certifications and right to work. It also handles the expiration management that is often the most time consuming part of ensuring maximum compliance in a business.


This helps organisations to reduce paper waste, costs associated with manual verification processes, and the risk of human error. Credenxia’s software is also used to track and manage employee access to sensitive areas.


The continuously updated platform has a particular focus on provider satisfaction and refining business processes to reduce costs and remove unnecessary manual tasks.


Credenxia is a simple yet powerful digital platform that uses cloud based software and smart technology to take the pressure out of managing credentials and compliance for both employers and workers.


Their mission is to simplify management of the workforce by taking away the risk, guesswork, spreadsheets and emails out of the verification process.

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What does the VisitUs integration with Credenxia do?

The VisitUs integration with Credenxia’s credentialing management solution allows organisations to verify an individual’s identity and right to work in real-time.


The integration is seamless and easy to use which vastly improves a businesses credentialing and enrollment process, allowing organisations to instantly verify workers, contractors and visitors with the click of a button.


Custom form generation allows each business to create workflows that cover internal inductions which makes like easier for HR professionals


Workflow tools can be configured so that when an individual checks-in to a location, VisitUs automatically contacts the Credenxia system to check whether the person has completed their required verification checks.


If the checks are successful then they are signed in and displayed a welcome message on the iPad or portal. If however, they have not been verified in Credenxia then they are refused entry to the location and an administrator is alerted of the sign-in attempt.

Reduce costs and save time

Unlike traditional platforms, a combination of Credenxia and VisitUs can save you both time and money whilst boosting your compliance.

Access worker compliance faster

Compliance information is stored in a smart digital database which makes accessing it fast and efficient.

Speed up the daily check-in

With instant sign in options employees start work faster and get on with the things that matter most.

Reduced insurance costs

Lower your insurance premiums by utilising the systems active risk management

No more repetition

Businesses, suppliers and workers all avoid repeating the verification process, as profiles are private and transferrable

Traditional vs credenxia risk management system

Confidence in your compliance

Credential check on arrival

Each sign in type can be checked to ensure that they are compliant in the Credenxia system before allowing them to sign in.

Live view of expiring inductions

The Credenxia dashboard allows you to view who needs to renew their induction and automatically sends out notifications to the worker and their manager.

Invite only

Workers can only verify their credentials once you have invited them, so you are in control of who can access your site.

Advanced facial recognition

Faces are recognised in less than a second

Once a persons face is recognised they are instantly signed into VisitUs and displayed on your dashboard.

Temperature screening

The results of the temperature screening are recorded in VisitUs and alerts are sent to specified contacts if a failure is detected.

Truely contactless solution

Staff can go directly to the camera to sign in without the need to interact with the VisitUs system.

Fast and easy sign-in for workers and contractors

In a matter of seconds, a worker can have their temperature taken and checked to ensure they have the right to work on site.

credentials and id verification system
Number 1 icon

Your worker approaches the camera their temperature is taken whilst it checks for a facial recognition match.

Number 2 icon

Credenxia then verifies that the worker has the right to work on site.

Number 3 in a blue circle

If they are granted access then Credenxia sends a message to the access control system to open the door.

Number 4 icon

The sign in is recorded in the VisitUs dashboard along with the temperature and the sign in time. Data security is an important part of the VisitUs platform so all data recorded is stored in line with ISO27001 standards.

What is healthcare credentialing software?

Healthcare credentialing software is a solution that is used to verify the credentials of individuals working within healthcare companies, including checking their medical licenses, education and training to ensure full compliance.

What are the benefits of medical credentialing software?

There are several benefits of medical credentialing software, these include:


Improved compliance: By using healthcare credentialing software, you can be sure that all of your employees are fully compliant with the latest regulations.


Faster sign-in: The process of signing in and out of healthcare facilities is much faster when using credentialing software.


Reduced costs: The software can help to reduce the costs associated with compliance, such as insurance premiums and audit fees.


Improved communication: The software provides a centralised platform for communication between employees, managers and healthcare providers.

What types of certifications can a credentialing solution verify?

Credential management software can verify a range of certifications, including:


Medical licenses

Educational qualifications

Continuing medical education

Work history

Working with children checks

Driving licence

Police checks


What is the future of credential management software?

The future of credential management software is likely to see a rise in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to verify credentials. These technologies will be able to automate the process of verifying qualifications and certifications, which will save time and money.


In addition, AI and machine learning can be used to flag up any changes or discrepancies in an individual’s credentials, which will help to improve compliance.

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