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Instantly verify worker and contractor credentials

Credentialing software and ID verification system

Simplify the management of your workforce to create a safer workplace by combining Credenxia with your VisitUs system.

Visit us + Credenxia

VisitUs has partnered with Credenxia to bring the benefit of credential verification and integrated it seamlessly into our easy to use sign in system.

Credenxia is a leading global verification partner that is used across a wide range of industries including public sector, healthcare, transport, construction, and aged care to protect their brands, partners and workers.

Their mission is to simplify management of the workforce by taking away the risk, guesswork, spreadsheets and emails out of the verification process.

Credenxia is a simple yet powerful digital platform that uses cloud and smart technology to take the pressure out of managing credentials and compliance for both employers and workers.

Reduce costs and save time

Unlike traditional platforms, a combination of Credenxia and VisitUs can save you both time and money whilst boosting your compliance.

Traditional vs credenxia risk management system
Access worker compliance faster

Compliance information is stored in a smart digital database which makes accessing it fast and efficient.

Speed up the daily check-in

With instant sign in options employees start work faster and get on with the things that matter most.

Reduced insurance costs

Lower your insurance premiums by utilising the systems active risk management

No more repetition

Businesses, suppliers and workers all avoid repeating the verification process, as profiles are private and transferrable

Confidence in your compliance

Credential check on arrival

Each sign in type can be checked to ensure that they are compliant in the Credenxia system before allowing them to sign in.

Live view of expiring inductions

The Credenxia dashboard allows you to view who needs to renew their induction and automatically sends out notifications to the worker and their manager.

Invite only

Workers can only verify their credentials once you have invited them, so you are in control of who can access your site.

Advanced facial recognition

Faces are recognised in less than a second

Once a persons face is recognised they are instantly signed into VisitUs and displayed on your dashboard.

Temperature screening

The results of the temperature screening are recorded in VisitUs and alerts are sent to specified contacts if a failure is detected.

Truely contactless solution

Staff can go directly to the camera to sign in without the need to interact with the VisitUs system.

Ultra fast sign-in for workers and contractors

In a matter of seconds, a worker can have their temperature taken and checked to ensure they have the right to work on site.

credentials and id verification system
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Your worker approaches the camera and their face is instantly recognised and their temperature is taken.

Number 2 icon

Credenxia checks that the worker has the right to work on site.

Number 3 icon

If they are granted access then Credenxia sends a message to the access control system to open the door.

Number 4 icon

The sign in is recorded in the VisitUs dashboard along with the temperature.

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