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Click on “Configure iPad” in the navigation bar down the left of the dashboard and then “Feedback”. To enable visitor feedback simply check the box Ask visitors to rate their visit on sign out. If you check to make the feedback mandatory, visitors will have to leave a star rating out of 10 to complete the

Click on “Configure iPad” in the navigation bar down the left of the dashboard and then “Security”. Enter the mobile numbers of the security team that you would like to receive notifications separated by a comma. Once you have filled in the security numbers make sure to click on “Update Changes”. To mark a visitor as a

Click on “Configure iPad” then “Settings”. Next click on the Sign in / Sign out options header and check the setting “Display the mobile button”. Click “Update changes” to save your new settings. This will update your iPad enabling return visitors and hosts/staff will not be able to sign in and out using their mobile number.

To setup the system to send SMS sign out reminders, first click on the “Configure iPad” section of the dashboard. Next click on “Settings” and finally “Overall settings”. You will be presented with a list of different settings to change and there should be one titled “Send an SMS reminder to visitors to sign out at”. Change this setting

Click on “Evacuation Options” then “Evacuation History” Next click on the evacuation in the list that you would like to retrieve the details from A window will pop up displaying the details of the evacuation. This includes the time it started and finished, an area to record notes and also a link to the online