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Using New Technology To Ensure The Safety Of Your Contractors

Did you know that the construction and manufacturing industries are consistently listed as the most dangerous? This is typically because of accidents that occur on jobs when safety isn’t being made a priority.

While some accidents can’t be avoided, most of them can by utilising the right safety standards and having strong rules and regulations in place. One way to make that easier on yourself and your contractors is to use technology to your advantage.

Contractor Management Software

At VisitUs, we have developed a unique contractor management software that is designed to make sure every contractor you work with remains safe and compliant, no matter what. The days of having to “chase down” your contractors just to check in with them are long gone. Technology has made it easier than ever to keep track of them from the palm of your hand.

What does that mean?

The VisitUs sign-in software offers a variety of features with safety in mind. Let’s take a closer look at some of those features and how they can make every job going forward easier and safer for everyone. That eases the burden on you, as a company, but it also helps to remove a lot of stress from your contractor, so they aren’t always trying to keep tabs on everyone at a job site.

Monitoring From Start to Finish

One of the best things about our visitor management software is that offers built-in inductions. That means you can send your contractor a pre-induction questionnaire before they even enter the Jobsite. The questionnaire can include anything from your company policies to regulations they need to be compliant with while working.

Because you’re giving them an induction upfront, it is their responsibility to read it over, understand what it means, and give their signature of approval. If something goes wrong on the job site, you can take comfort in knowing that your company is safe if they already agreed to remain compliant.

But, the goal is for no one to get hurt and for everyone to be as safe as possible. The software can help with that, too.

It can monitor sign-ins/outs in real time, so you and your contractor(s) will know who was on the job site and very specific times. This makes it easy to keep track of contractors and publish accurate attendance records. Doing so will help to rectify any concerns over specific workers, and eliminate any confusion if someone doesn’t show up on time, leaves the site early, etc.

Customised Reports You Can Count On

One of the biggest issues businesses often have with their contractors is a lack of information. That’s not good for anyone, and it can create a gap between you and your contractor which makes it hard to communicate.

With this software, you can take advantage of customised reports that give you only the information you want. These reports can be built and designed by you and specifically for your business, so you’re getting the information you want and need in front of you at any given time.

Additionally, these reports can be used to help you build your business plan as you move forward. They will give you accurate data to change your strategy as needed. That might include new rules and compliance issues with your contractors, or it might include changing things around individual job sites. Whatever the case, the data never lies, and you will have it in your hands quickly without having to wait months for a detailed report.

Paving the Way for Safer Contractors

If your business works with contractors, their safety should be your top priority. At VisitUs, we understand that completely. That’s why our software isn’t just meant for visitors coming into an office. Our interface features things like custom fields and drop-downs, scheduling features, and so much more. Once your contractors understand how to fully use these features, they can utilise them to keep themselves and everyone on the job site safe, while offering you the information you need.

Believe it or not, you can make a big difference in the manufacturing and construction industry if you take advantage of the technology that is available to you. If more businesses chose to embrace this kind of technology, the number of injuries and deaths within the manufacturing industry would go down significantly.

Feel free to contact VisitUs or browse our website if you would like more information on how the tech behind our software works and how it can keep your contractors safe.