Set-up QL-820NWB for printing badges

Login to the dashboard and then click on Configure System

Configure System

Next click on Printer Settings

Printer Setting

Set the model, IP address and label type

Printer Options

Click on Update changes to save your settings

Update Button


Wrong Roll Type

Turn the printer off by unplugging it and then it back on again and wait for it to reconnect to the WIFI.


Change the Label type in the printer settings and click on Update changes.

Restart the VisitUs App on the iPad.

Try printing again. If it fails, then repeat the steps again until you find the correct label type.

Printer doesn’t respond

Firstly, check the IP address of the printer matches the printer settings in the dashboard. (How to find the IP address

Next, open settings on the iPad and then scroll down the left-hand side until you see “VisitUs

Make sure that Local Network is enabled.

If it isn’t enabled, then turn it on and try printing again.