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Enable Sign in / out using a QR code

Click on “Configure System” then “General Settings”. Next click on the Sign in / Sign out options header. Then check the setting “Display the QR code button” Click “Update changes” to save your new settings. This will update your iPad enabling visitors to sign in and out using a QR code. Read more about the VisitUs QR code check in system here.

Enable SMS Sign out reminders

To setup the system to send SMS sign out reminders, first click on the “Configure System” section of the dashboard and then "General Settings". Next click on the header labelled “Overall settings”. You will be presented with a list of different settings to change and there should be one titled “Send an SMS reminder to visitors

Add hosts to the evacuation checklist

To add hosts to your evacuation checklists click on "Configure System" in the navigation bar down the left hand side of the dashboard and then "Evacuation Settings". Under the header “Include hosts in evacuations” check the box to automatically add all hosts that are assigned to this location to the evacuation checklist regardless of whether

View evacuation report

Click on the “Reporting” section on the left hand side of the dashboard, and then click on “Evacuation Reports”. Next click on the evacuation in the list that you would like to review. A window will pop up displaying the details of the evacuation. This includes the time it started and finished, an area

How to delete a host

To delete a host from the system click on Hosts / Staff on the left hand side of the dashboard. Next search for the host you would like to remove like below Click on the hosts name to open up their details Finally click on the Delete button to remove them from your subscription

Mark late sign ins

You can highlight when a particular sign in type has arrived late. To do this click on “Configue System” and then “Sign in types” Find the area for the sign in type you would like to update and then click on the header titled "Mark as late" on the right hand side of the page. Select a