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Greeting a Customer in the Digital Age

The way you greet a customer can make or break your chances of working with them, and ever since the world changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more important than ever.

It means we have had to alter the way we interact with customers.

Key Takeaways

– Establish rapport during customer greetings

– Ask relevant questions to obtain more information

– Show empathy for the customer’s situation

– Listen actively and clearly communicate solutions

– Avoid making assumptions about the customer’s experience and preferences

– Utilize conversational strategies such as storytelling to connect with customersemotionally

With physical interaction on the decline, an increasing number of businesses have made the switch to a digital visitor management system.

The thing is, you have to remain friendly, personable, and welcoming while using this technology.

We have to remember that the lack of physical interaction leads to increased feelings of social rejection and a loss of individuality when accessing businesses.

This is why we’re here to show you the best ways to greet a customer digitally without losing the personal touch.

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Why is Greeting Customers Correctly Important?

How Should You be Greeting Customers?

What Should You Do After Greeting Customers?


Why is Greeting a Customer Correctly Important?

Greeting customers properly can have a hugely POSITIVE effect on your business. It creates a powerful first impression and sets the TONE for the rest of their experience with your company.

It is also an excellent way to foster LOYALTY and build relationships with customers while promoting goodwill. You want people to keep coming BACK to your business, and a greeting is everything.

In addition, it can help you create BETTER customer service experiences and increase efficiency. All of these things can help to increase your chances of making a sale or gaining REPEAT business.

How Should You be Greeting Customers?

There are always ways in which we can IMPROVE the way we work, and greeting customers is part of that. These are some methods you can use to improve your greeting TECHNIQUE and make your customers feel WELCOME even when they are greeted virtually.

Greet Them Immediately and be Welcoming

Make sure that customers are greeted as soon as they ENTER your premises by a virtual assistant or an automated message. This initial greeting should be WARM and welcoming and make the visitor feel WELCOME.

Pro Tip: Instead of asking how a customer is, good customer greeting examples are things like “What do you need?” or “What are you looking for?”

Be Professional When Greeting

It’s important to create a PROFESSIONAL atmosphere when greeting customers. Make sure you use polite language and keep the conversation BRIEF and to the point.

You should also be aware of any cultural differences that may AFFECT the way you communicate with customers.

Always Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most important ASPECTS of communication. Unfortunately, it can be DIFFICULT to make eye contact when greeting customers digitally. To replicate this, you should ensure that you LOOK into the camera when addressing them.

For retail customers, eye contact is an ESSENTIAL part of sales greeting techniques that are taught to employees. It creates a better customer experience in your retail store and INCREASES the likelihood of REPEAT customers.

Pro Tip: If you’re neurodivergent, eye contact can be difficult or uncomfortable. To mimic this, you can look at the tip of a person’s nose – it’s a great technique.

Offer Them Reassurance

When greeting customers, it is important to make them feel SAFE and welcome.

This can be done by offering reassurance that their safety is your PRIORITY or that you will do all you can to ensure a positive experience for them and IMPROVE customer satisfaction.

Note all Relevant Information

In addition to the greeting, you should make sure that you take down any RELEVANT information about the customer. This includes their name, contact details, and ANY other pieces of information that could be HELPFUL in creating a better experience for them.

Pro Tip: If you remember customer preferences, it can lead to a positive shopping experience and makes the entire buying experience much smoother. It builds a personal connection.

Keep the Greeting Simple

Make sure to keep your greeting short and SWEET.

Your customers will appreciate this, and it will also help you to be more efficient. It’s important to remember that a SIMPLE but sincere greeting can go a long way in creating an INVITING atmosphere for your customers.

Make Your Welcome a Branded Experience

In order to help create a MEMORABLE experience for your customers, you should make sure that each customer’s welcome message is branded and personalized.

This includes using CUSTOM images, sounds, or even VIDEO messages as part of the greeting.

Show Your Customers You Recognize Them

Personalizing your greeting is a great way to SHOW customers that you remember them and are familiar with their needs.

You can do this by using the customer’s name, referencing PAST purchases or services, or simply making the greeting more TAILORED to each customer.

Pro Tip: When your customer walks in, they need a positive first impression. Maybe you remember previous purchases or wish them a good morning. Show them you remember who they are.

What Should You Do After Greeting Customers?

Once you have greeted your customers, it is IMPORTANT to follow up on their visit. You should thank them for coming and make sure that they had a POSITIVE experience. Ask if they need any ASSISTANCE or if there’s anything else you can do to help.

Additionally, be sure to provide an EASY way for customers to contact you in the event that they need assistance later on. Finally, send follow-up emails or messages to THANK customers for their visit and REMIND them of your services.

Follow-up questions and communication can help BUILD customer loyalty and show that you care about their experience. Stick around on the sales floor AFTER greeting them so that they know you’re AVAILABLE to help if needed.


Greeting customers is an INTEGRAL part of creating a successful business. By following the tips outlined above, you can ensure that your customers have a POSITIVE experience each time they visit and come away feeling WELCOMED and appreciated.

With the right approach, you can create a LASTING impression on all of your customers. By taking the time to craft the perfect welcoming message, you can make sure that EACH customer gets a personalized experience that leaves them feeling VALUED and appreciated.

With this in mind, you should ensure that your welcome is warm, PROFESSIONAL, and tailored to suit each customer perfectly.

Written by: Alister Wood 8th Feb 2023