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Increasing Security in the Workplace With Facial Recognition Software

Many of us are returning to our physical workspaces after more than a year of working from home. However, our old routines can now feel strange and less secure than our home office, over which we had complete control. To beef up security and increase employee safety, many companies are integrating facial recognition software, and visitor management systems into their workplace.

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Facial recognition is a biometric technology that captures and identifies people using a digital image of their face. An employee or visitor will stand in front of a digital camera connected to the recognition software.

From different angles, the system will create a digital faceprint by assigning a numerical code to over 80 features that make each face wholly unique, including:

– Width of the nose

– Distance between the chin and forehead

– Depth of each eye socketLength and width of the jaw

These characteristics don’t change as we age, alter facial hair, apply makeup or wear glasses.

VisitUs Reception is a perfect example of a visitor management system with facial recognition.

Improving Information Security

We live and work in a time where everything is digitised. All your confidential information, the company’s proprietary material and clients’ sensitive data could potentially be accessed with a simple password or swipe of a key card.

Facial recognition limits how information is accessed and by whom, thereby adding a nearly impenetrable security wall for the company and its workforce.


People in your company must access data points about you (e.g. your salary, contact information, disciplinary history, and even emergency medical information) as part of their job. It takes just one person who likes to snoop to get someone’s key card for a few minutes, and suddenly, that information can become the talk of the office.

Facial recognition can parse out the only necessary information to those who need it. Someone doing payroll, for example, does not need access to your emergency contacts. A faceprint eliminates the potential of a stolen password or access card.

The Company

Most companies have a hierarchy of clearance to information — and for a good reason. Unlimited access to info could create a legal nightmare, competitive disadvantage and loss of trust and confidence from employees and clients alike.

Facial recognition protects company-wide information like:

– Legal/lawsuit history

– Proprietary information/competitive advantage

– Marketing techniques and strategies

– Medical leave and employment history of employees

– Profit and loss statements

– Earning announcements before they become public knowledge

Increased Safety and Security

Going back into the world after living in our comfortable bubbles can be intimidating. Using facial recognition software to monitor who has access to certain parts of or the entire building creates its own digital safety bubble.

Monitoring Access

This specialised software allows a company to know who enters the building and when they leave. This eliminates the chances of someone staying on the premises that shouldn’t be there at certain times.

Restricting Access

There are certain areas of a building that may need restricted access, depending on what is contained in the room or what kind of meeting is happening. Facial recognition sets an electronic boundary that helps people avoid accidental — or purposeful — entry to confidential areas.

No Unwanted Visitors

Workplace safety is the number one priority for all of us. Facial recognition gives businesses the ability to allow or disallow entry to their buildings. Using this digital image, nobody can pose as another person, claim to have a meeting somewhere they don’t or swipe a stolen card to gain access.
Businesses can also create a list of people not permitted in the building or with very limited access, helping the security team can keep its workforce safe from outside danger from disgruntled past employees to known threats.

A Win-Win

Facial recognition software keeps employees physically safe and their information cyber secure while safeguarding the company. Add that it’s a contactless means of access, and it’s the ideal setup for a post-pandemic workforce.