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Increase contractor compliance

Contractor Management Software System

We simplify contractor management. Induct contractors quickly and easily to ensure your workplace is fully compliant.

Contractor management software system

Boost your workplace efficiency

Pre-register contractors and export detailed reports in a matter of minutes


Save time by completing inductions prior to arrival

An email containing a link to your customised portal is sent to the contractor to complete their induction on their own device.

Set an expiry on your inductions

If an induction is invalid then the contractor will need to complete it again before being allowed access to your site.

Capture signed safety documents

Display a PDF and capture the contractors signature to confirm their agreement with your safety protocols.


Keep track of when contractors are planned to arrive

The web dashboard shows who and when each person is expected to arrive and their induction status.

Export detailed timesheets

Create reports that detail the time and out for each contractor and the total amount of time on site.

Unique QR code for return visits

Each contractor can be supplied with a unique QR code to speed up the sign in process during return visits.

How Contractors Interact With VisitUs

Take a look at the multiple ways contractors can sign in or pre-register with the VisitUs system

Branded iPad

Customise the iPad interface with your company logo, button colour and background images to fit your unique corporate identity.

Returning contractors can enter their mobile number or scan their personal QR code to greatly reduce the time it takes to sign in.

The system checks for a valid induction before granting access. If an expired induction is detected the system will request that the contractor completes the process again and renew their induction expiry date.

QR code

Printable QR codes can be displayed at multiple entrances across your site to reduce the cost of implementation. Contractors can simply scan the QR code with their mobile camera to complete the sign in process.

The tablet interface features an always on scanning screen so that returning contractors can simply hold up their personal QR code from a previous visit to sign in. New contractors can scan the code in the centre of the screen to sign in.

Pre-registration Portal

Contractors can be pre-registered via mobile; dashboard or calendar invite and receive a unique link to the portal to complete their induction. Once completed, the contractor receives a personal QR code which they present to the tablet on arrival.

We also offer a unique pre-registration portal for each location so that you can forward this to businesses that often send different employees to your site. This allows them to ensure that their employees are inducted before arriving on site.

Improve safety and efficiency

Whilst enabling a seamless transition for new workers is a key function, the VisitUs platform is also useful throughout employment. With features that allow contractors to mark when they are safe, mark their location and receive notifications when a person of interest is on site; the contractor management system ensures worker safety.

For returning contractors, the VisitUs customer management software is made easier when signing in. During the revisit, the contractor can sign in again using their mobile number or a QR code.

The system will also provide your business with streamlined functions that help create simple to use reports that can help inform your overall business strategy such as business peak times and staff time sheetings. VisitUs provides fully customisable data trackers that will make it easier to forecast future sales and conditions for your business.

Contractor management is also made easier with the option to personalise the software to the type of industry your company is in, whether it be corporate, manufacturing or logistics. Book a demo today to see how the best contractor management systems in Australia can help you.

Choose VisitUs for your contractor management solution

We understand there are many options on the market when it comes to contractor management software. That is why we’ve done everything in our power to be unrivalled when it comes to value and quality; take a look at our unbeatable pricing here.

VisitUs promise that our contractor management system is the most effective on the market. We developed this system to ensure contractor management in your company is simple, seamless and efficient, giving you complete control over the day to day all from one place.

Book a demo below today, and one of our fantastic team of engineers can guide you through the platform, allowing you to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have.

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5 Star Ratings

"Streamlined management of onsite workers & guests; with reliable, efficient customer support".

The evacuation feature was the initial drawcard for our business as we utilize a range of labour hire providers and often have sales reps or maintenance contractors onsite. However, through 2020, the need to maintain a COVID register and screen visitors appropriately for our business, we have found VisitUs to be a simple and effective tool to do this.

The screening questions are easy to change as needed and the results are readily available online.


A contractor management system helps you handle work that’s outsourced to contractors or subcontractors. It can offer you valuable insights and data, ensuring that your company is as efficient as possible while adhering to health and safety guidelines. VisitUs offers features such as capturing signed safety documents, detailed timesheets, and more. We offer three ways for contractors to interact with our system: a branded iPad, a unique QR code, and a pre-registration portal.

Contractor management systems are designed to help both contractors and businesses. They ensure obligations are met efficiently and effectively. Integrating health and safety information into our system makes sure that contractors know how to align with safety requirements and how to prevent incidents. It ensures that both parties know what is expected of them and makes for more effective communication.

It also gives both you and contractors access to documents and the ability to sign them from your personal devices. You can track contractor hours and location while knowing who accessed your worksite, when, and for how long. Ultimately, it recreates the in-office routine with contractors who work outside of that space.

The purpose of a contractor management system is to simplify the process of organising your hired contractors. This software improves and streamlines every step by managing accountability, control, efficiency, safety, and compliance. You can use VisitUs across multiple devices, such as our branded iPads, printable QR codes, and more. The portal allows you to send emails to contractors, automating inductions while controlling entry, times, and compliance. Pre-registration eliminates the need to chase down contractors and inefficient time tracking. It keeps all the information in one place and creates reports within minutes.

Contractor management systems also help you to reduce risks for your contractors and your business. Contractors can use the platform to note their location and confirm their safety. It can also notify them when a person of interest is on-site. It also makes things quicker and easier for returning contractors by remembering their sign-in information.

VisitUs software is personalisable, so you can customise it to fit your industry, among other needs. To learn more about how a contractor management system can help your business, book a demo today.

VisitUs aims to make integrating our contractor management software as easy as possible. Our public API and webhooks help automate your internal processes and connect VisitUs to your existing platforms. Our contractor management software integrates with systems such as:

  • Gmail and Outlook Calendars: This allows you to pre-register contractors from a calendar invite. As the host, you can use the dashboard, mobile app, meeting invite, or web portal.
  • Inception: Improves your emergency evacuation procedure. You can create evacuation checklists and send them to all registered fire marshalls.
  • Microsoft Active Directory: Synchronise and import your contacts. It helps you manage system users and implement changes and updates.
  • Zapier: Gives VisitUs users integration with more than 2,000 apps. These include Trello, MailChimp, Salesforce, and many more. You can create custom automated workflows easily with the drag-and-drop interface.
  • RotaOne: Cloud-based system that manages time, attendance, and shifts. It integrates with your current payroll system and requires no software installation.
  • Credenxia: Instantly verifies contractor and staff credentials. It uses facial recognition software to verify a contractor in less than a second.

VisitUs has an app for iPads, as well as iPhone and Android devices. This allows you to access our system and all the platforms you need, from wherever is most convenient for you.

Contractor management software helps you to increase compliance by ensuring all safety protocols are handled before you grant access to contractors. VisitUs offers an automated, three-step pre-registration process for contractors to complete.

The contractor receives an email with a link to your platform, allowing them to complete the induction on their personal device. You can set an expiry time, so contractors need to complete a new induction each time they need access to your platform. You can also capture your contractor’s signature on a PDF safety agreement. This ensures everything is digitised and in one place. If you need extra reassurance, VisitUs has partnered with Credenxia to offer credential verification.

You can also track and manage your contractors with the VisitUs system. Contractors receive a unique QR code that expedites the sign-in process. Our web dashboard displays when each contractor is due to arrive, as well as their induction status. You can use this data to create and export timesheets or reports, and to detail entry and exit information, as well as time on-site. VisitUs also gives you a single place to access all the necessary documentation, including contractor safety documents.

To learn more about how VisitUs contractor management software can help increase compliance in your business, book a demo today.

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